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Crew Scheduling Feedback Form - LAA/LUS

The good, the bad and the ugly; it seems everyone has a story these days about their contact with Crew Schedule and Crew Tracking. Contractual violations related to awarding of trips, assigning reserves and handling reschedules seem to be at an all-time high. The Pilots obviously feel the same way, since they recently sent a Letter to Management asking Doug Parker to address the violations happening on their side of the operation.

In order to better effect change for our members, APFA has created a Crew Scheduling Feedback Form for you to submit your experiences with Crew Schedule, Crew Tracking, Crew Scheduling Systems and the Hotel Limo desk. We want to hear if you had a good, bad or ugly experience and if you believe there was a contractual violation. Keep in mind that the good experiences provide invaluable feedback when making our case to keep the hotel contracts that are currently popular with our members.

Submitting the form will not replace the need to contact the appropriate APFA representative to pursue an individual resolution or file a Notice of Dispute (NOD). This information is intended to give us examples to use in our discussions with the company in an easy to review and search format.

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