Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

7.27.21 – Presidential Grievance: Crew Accommodations and Transportation

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Today, APFA filed a Presidential Grievance against American Airlines to address the never-ending violations to JCBA Section 6 (Crew Accommodations). American is using a third-party vendor, TA Connections, to operate the hotel/ limo desk. The issues our Flight Attendants are facing have reached unprecedented, unacceptable levels. TA Connections has been unable to satisfy our hotel/ limo needs and contractual obligations. APFA has been in constant communication with APA, and our Pilots are dealing with the same issues.

Flight Attendants have dealt with endless challenges over the past eighteen months. A recurring issue is the company’s inability to provide contractually required crew accommodations and efficient, timely transportation. Flight Attendants should not have to wait hours on end to speak with the hotel/limo desk. We have Flight Attendants sleeping in airports and outside of baggage claim due to the company not providing hotel accommodations in a timely manner. Crew rest is being impacted, and clean, comfortable, and quiet rooms are not being provided for required rest.

The APFA Hotel Department receives examples of the contract violations our membership is facing every day. The lack of transportation and suitable hotel accommodations during the many recent IROP situations are unacceptable. The list of violations include:

  • Excessive hold wait times;
  • Lack of timely and reliable transportation;
  • Non-contractual compliant hotels being utilized;
  • No rooms upon arrival;
  • Limited service hotels being utilized over full service properties;
  • Unsuitable hotels.


The company is also failing and/or refusing to do the following:

  • Provide a comfortable, safe and clean single occupancy hotel room to Flight Attendants during layovers or scheduled or unscheduled ground time exceeding four (4) hours;
  •  Make every effort to avoid delays in room assignments at all hotels;
  • Ensure that Flight Attendants will not be required to provide a credit card in order to check in to the hotel;
  •  Provide transportation at all layover stations;
  • Investigate and respond, within fifteen (15) calendar days, to the APFA National Hotel Department on the results of the Company’s investigation and the actions being done to resolve the problems, after receipt of a report of a problem with a facility or associated transportation arrangement.


By filing this Grievance, APFA demands that the Company immediately cease and desist from the above described violations of the JCBA and past practice. APFA further demands that the Company make whole all affected Flight Attendants and grant any and all additional relief deemed appropriate.

In Solidarity,

Julie Hedrick
APFA National President



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