Code of Conduct

Strength and unity within the APFA are fundamental to the successful resolution of any endeavor the Union may undertake. The APFA strives for a standard of conduct and behavior wherein all flight attendants are treated with respect and consideration. The APFA seeks an atmosphere wherein all flight attendants conduct themselves in a manner which promotes unity and strength and reflects credit to the individual, other flight attendants and the Union. Differing points of view, expressed in the open forum of reasoned debate should be welcomed, honored and valued as necessary and essential to the development of a shared unity of purpose.

The APFA is proud of and grateful to the men and women who serve as its representatives and give so generously of their time and talents to promote the goals of our Union. The APFA reminds its representatives of the trust they hold for flight attendants and that their responsibilities should not be taken lightly or without due thought and consideration.

The varying backgrounds and unique perspectives of individual representatives mirror the diversity within the APFA and offer the promise of great strength. The APFA encourages its representatives to work to build consensus when making decisions affecting the welfare of the bargaining unit. Legitimate differences of opinion are to be expected and should be resolved by a steadfast reliance on the Constitution of the APFA which vests in the membership and the Board of Directors the authority to determine the course of the Union. The APFA asks that its flight attendants and representatives pledge their best efforts to meet and exceed the ideals expressed in this Code of Conduct.

It is not intended that violation of this Code of Conduct shall in any manner constitute grounds for any charges under Article VII of the APFA Constitution by or against any flight attendant.

Adopted by the APFA Board of Directors, November 1, 1991

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