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Friends, figure skating community remember Philadelphia flight attendant who died from COVID-19 | ABC 6 - 3.31.20
American Airlines Will Now Pay Flight Attendants Who Take a Voluntary Leave of Absence | Paddle Your Own Kanoo - 3.31.20
Airlines Asking Laid Off Flight Attendants to Work in Medical Fields | Travel Pulse - 3.30.20
Airline Workers Will Be Paid Until Sept. 30 As Labor Unions Secure Historic Protections | Forbes - 3.26.20
American Airlines flight attendant dies of coronavirus, elevating fears in the industry | USA Today - 3.26.20
American Airlines makes drastic changes to in-flight service due to coronavirus | Chicago Business Journal - 3.26.20
A flight attendant dies, and colleagues are 'very much on edge' | CNN - 3.27.20
Long-time American Airlines flight attendant dies from coronavirus complications | NY Daily News - 3.27.20
American Airlines flight attendant based in Philadelphia dies after testing positive for COVID-19 | Philadelphia Inquirer - 3.27.20
Long-Serving American Airlines Flight Attendant Dies After Being Infected with Covid-19 | Paddle Your Own Kanoo - 3.27.20
American Airlines flight attendant based in Philadelphia dies of COVID-19 | Dallas Morning News - 3.26.20
American Airlines Drastically Cuts Back In-Flight Service But at Least Alcohol Remains Available | Paddle Your Own Kanoo - 3.25.20
Airlines Introducing ‘Social Distancing’ Rules, Blocking Seats to Keep Passengers at Least 1 Metre Apart | Paddle Your Own Kanoo - 3.25.20
It’s Official: Flight Attendants Are at Higher Risk of Catching COVID-19 | Paddle Your Own Kanoo - 3.21.20
American Airlines Flight Attendants, At High Risk In Health Crisis, Decry Early Retirement Offer | Forbes - 3.18.20
An American Airlines pilot has tested positive for the coronavirus | Business Insider - 3.13.20
American Airlines halts more flights between Philadelphia and Europe due to coronavirus | Philadelphia Inquirer - 3.13.20
American Airlines Will Retire Boeing 757s, Suspend Argentina Flights And Cut Summer International Service 34% | Forbes - 3.13.20
Coronavirus brings stock market its worst day since 1987 | Los Angeles Times - 3.12.20
American Airlines flight attendants brace for more flight cancellations | Reuters - 3.12.20
American Airlines fights price gouging after Trump’s Europe travel ban creates chaos | Ft. Worth Star Telegram - 3.12.20
Airlines and cruise ships cut service and brace for losses as coronavirus spreads | Los Angeles Times - 3.12.20
Coronavirus travel ban: American, United and Delta airlines cap flight fares from Europe to U.S. | Fox News - 3.12.20
Trump administration escalates dispute with airlines over coronavirus data | Politico - 3.03.20
American Airlines employees are wearing new uniforms | Business Insider - 3.02.20
Spreading coronavirus is making some American Airlines crews nervous about flying abroad | Dallas Morning News - 2.27.20
Attendance & Performance Program Decision Issued for Presidential Grievance – 2.27.20 (APFA Press Release)
American Airlines Flight Attendants Win Major Concessions in “Disrespectful” Sickness Policy | Paddle Your Own Kanoo - 2.28.20
American Airlines must make changes to sick leave policy flight attendants called sexist | Dallas Morning News - 2.27.20
AA Cancelling Mainland China Flights Thru 3/27 (APFA hotline) - 1.31.20
American Airlines cancels all US flights to China | WFAA - 1.31.20
As coronavirus outbreak escalates, airlines put China service on hold | Iowa City Press Citizen - 1.31.20
Union Representing American Airlines Flight Attendants Supports Pilot’s Union in Lawsuit Over Coronavirus - 1.30.20 (APFA Press Release)
American Airlines contract talks with unions at a standstill | World Socialist Website - 1.31.20
Delta, American airlines to stop all China flights as coronavirus crisis grows | USA Today - 1.31.20
Pilot union sues American Airlines to stop service to China | CBS News - 1.30.20
American Airlines pilots sue to halt flights to China | Los Angeles Times (Syndicated in St. Louis Today, Rapid City Journal, Kenosha News, Finger Lakes Times, Missoulian, Newsbug, Beatrice Daily Sun) - 1.30.20
American Airlines pilots sue to stop U.S.-China flights, citing coronavirus outbreak | Washington Post (Syndicated in SF Gate) - 1.30.20
UPDATE 3-Pilots, flight attendants demand flights to China stop as virus fear mounts worldwide | Reuters - 1.30.20
‘Frustrated with AA? So are we.’ Here’s why American Airlines pilots rallied Wednesday at DFW Airport | Dallas Morning News - 1.29.20
An Open Letter to CEO Doug Parker on “Sharing the Profit” - 1.24.20 (hotline)
As Pressure Mounts, Doug Parker Says American Can Pass United And Maybe Delta In Profit Margin | Forbes - 1.25.20
The U.S. Transportation Department Just Made a Big Travel Announcement, and American Flight Attendants Are Going to Be Very Happy | Inc. - 1.24.20
President of American Airlines Flight Attendants’ Union Calls for Airlines to Increase Precautions Around Deadly Coronavirus – 1.23.20 (APFA Press Release)
A pilot's perspective on coronavirus: Should you wear a surgical mask? What did SARS teach travelers? | USA Today - 1.27.20
Airlines and hotels offering full refunds in response to coronavirus outbreak | The Points Guy - 1.26.20
Chicago woman who traveled to China diagnosed with coronavirus, health officials say | Chicago Tribune - 1.25.20
Flight Attendants Urge Coronavirus Precautions | Politico Morning Transportation - 1.24.20
American Airlines ready to take ‘aggressive actions’ to combat the spreading coronavirus | Dallas Morning News - 1.24.20
American Airlines Flight Attendants Urge New Precautions To Contain Coronavirus | KRLD Radio - 1.24.20
Coronavirus: US says 'do not travel' to Wuhan, China, as second American case is confirmed | USA Today - 1.24.20
Forney family navigates adoption and trip home inside China as the country battles new coronavirus | WFAA 8 - 1.24.20
Flight Attendants Call For Increased Precautions Around Coronavirus | WBAP - 1.24.20
Flight attendant union calls for stronger "precautionary actions" against coronavirus | Fox News - 1.24.20
Airlines Issue Travel Advisories for Coronavirus Outbreak | Travel Pulse - 1.24.20
Flight Attendant Union Calling for Coronavirus Precautions | Travel Pulse - 1.24.20
BREAKING: China shuts down 10 cities as second U.S. case of deadly coronavirus-type disease confirmed | The Points Guy - 1.24.20
Flight Attendant Union Calling for Coronavirus Precautions | Best Travel Tale - 1.24.20
WBAP Radio | WBAP Radio - 1.24.20
WZTV (FOX) | WZTV (FOX) - 1.24.20
FOX21 Morning News (FOX) | FOX21 Morning News (FOX) - 1.24.20
Flight Attendants Calls for Precautions | WFAA (ABC) - 1.23.20
Coronavirus protections sought by American Airlines flight attendants | Fox Business - 1.23.20
Flight attendant union calls for stronger “precautionary actions” against coronavirus | Fox Wilmington - 1.23.20
The American Airlines flight attendant union is calling on US airlines to step up precautions for the deadly Wuhan coronavirus | Business Insider - 1.23.20
Texas Student May Have Wuhan Coronavirus, as Dozens in U.S. Are Monitored | New York Times - 1.23.20
Travel ban halts flights between Wuhan and U.S., as airports prepare to screen passengers for coronavirus | Washington Post - 1.23.20
Boeing settles with American Airlines to compensate for 737 Max losses | The Hill - 1.07.20
American Airlines reaches settlement with Boeing for 737 MAX compensation in 2019 | Forbes - 1.06.20
American Airlines reaches settlement with Boeing for 737 MAX compensation in 2019 | Reuters - 1.06.20
American Airlines’ pilots and mechanics are frustrated that contract negotiations are dragging into the new year | Dallas Morning News - 1.06.20
Boeing will suspend the production of the 737 MAX indefinitely - 12.18.19
Union president for American Airlines flight attendants won’t run for re-election - 12.13.19
Inside the closed-door meeting where Boeing tried to reassure 737 Max stakeholders as the airlines and passengers get ready to fly the plane again - 12.11.19
Boeing Tries to Reassure Airline Industry Leaders About Max - 12.5.19
Boeing tries to win over pilots, attendants with 737 Max pitch - 12.5.19
Boeing holds summit to give update on 737 Max Jet groundings - 12.4.19
Letter to Boeing Chairman, President, and CEO Dennis Muilenburg - 10.30.19
A union for 28,000 American Airlines cabin crew has told Boeing’s CEO its members are scared of getting back on the 737 Max | Business Insider - 11.1.19
American Airlines flight attendants say they fear flying on Boeing's 737 Max | CBS News - 11.1.19
‘Alarming’ testimony from Boeing CEO on 737 Max worries American Airlines flight attendants and pilots | The Dallas Morning News - 11.1.19
KUT 90.5 - Austin, TX | NPR - 11.1.19
McDonald’s Portugal apologizes for Halloween gaffe, Chick-fil-A flubs National Sandwich Day promo, and AA flight attendants speak out | PR Daily - 11.1.19
American Airlines flight attendants say they won't step foot on 737 MAX | WFAA - 10.31.19
American Airlines flight attendants voice 737 MAX concerns to Boeing CEO -letter | Reuters- 10.31.19
American Airlines flight attendants stand up to Boeing CEO on 737 MAX | Reuters - 10.31.19
UPDATE 2-American Airlines flight attendants stand up to Boeing CEO on 737 MAX | Yahoo Finance - 10.31.19
American Airlines Flight Attendants Voice 737 MAX Concerns to Boeing CEO: Letter | U.S. News - 10.31.19
American Airlines flight attendants stand up to Boeing CEO on 737 MAX | KFGO - 10.31.19
American Airlines Flight Attendants Could Still Veto Reintroduction of Boeing 737MAX Slated for Jan. 16 - 10.14.19
FAA calls for changes to how new planes are certified after Boeing 737 Max failures - 10.11.19
Una aerolínea puso fecha de regreso al aire del Boeing 737 Max - 10.10.19
American Airlines Shuffles VPs, Denies Rumors CEO Parker Could Be Replaced - 10.10.19
American Airlines Plans To Resume Flying Doomed Boeing 737 MAX Jet - 10.9.19
American Airlines delays 737 Max return until 2020 - 10.9.19
American Airlines says it will resume flights with Boeing’s 737 Max jets in January - 10.9.19
Poor morale, sliding stock: Pressure mounts on American Airlines CEO Doug Parker - 10.09.19
FAA To Test Whether Airplane Seats’ Size Threatens Safety - 9.28.19
Are airplane seats too small to be safe? FAA to conduct evacuation tests - 9.27.19
FAA Will Test If US Airline Seats Are Too Small for Safe Evacuation - 9.27.19
Push to ban Chinese drones turns into bipartisan bill - 9.19.19
Flight Crews Say They Still Think About 9/11 Attacks - 9.11.19
Whitehouse, Langevin & Cicilline Call for Consumer Protections from Ever-Shrinking Airplane Seats - 8.27.19
Flight attendant: What new FAA chief needs to do to keep the misery out of flying - 8.21.19
Flight attendant union calls cramped airplane seats 'torture' - 7.17.19
Testimony of APFA National President Lori Bassani - 7.17.19
A Nightmare Summer for American Airlines - 7.10.19
American Airlines flight cancellations rise in Philly, leaving passengers stranded and forcing crews to work overtime - 7.5.19
'Lives Are Not For Sale': FAA’s Lax Oversight Lets Boeing Call the Shots - 6.22.19
Pilots, Attendants to Get Their Turn at Boeing 737 Max Hearing - 6.19.19
American Airlines’ pilots union ‘concerned’ about fixes for Boeing 737 Max after crashes - 6.18.19
American Airlines Flight Attendants Say Their Airline's Policy Is 'Cruel,' 'Ridiculous,' and 'Inhumane.' (Here's What's Finally Happening About It) - 6.13.19
American Airlines flight attendants say CEO must be asked tough questions - 6.12.19
Can American Airlines CEO Doug Parker Survive The Summer? - 6.02.19
American Airlines Says it Celebrates Flight Attendants Today and Every Day – It’s Employees Might Feel Differently - 5.31.19
Joint Statement from APFA National President and TWU International President Press Release - 5.24.19
Dallas Business Journal - 5.28.19
Largest independent flight attendant union calls on FAA to implement 'key' safety measures passed 6 months ago - 5.1.19
American Airlines flight attendants take steps to preserve graduation staircase used since 1957 - 4.13.19
APFA Ethiopian Airlines Flight #302 Press Release
CNBC 3.14.19
Market Watch 3.13.19
Fox News 3.12.19
WBAP 3.12.19
CNBC 3.12.19
CNN News Room on Twitter 3.11.19
TIME 3.11.19
Bloomberg 311.19
USA Today 3.11.19
Paddle Your Own Kanoo 3.11.19
APFA Files EEOC Charge Against Company's Attendance Policy
Associated Press (Picked up by the Washington Post, New York Times, Washington Times) 2.22.19
Dallas Morning News 2.22.19
Fast Company 2.22.19
Dallas Business Journal 2.22.19
Travel Pulse 2.22.19
ABC Dallas 2.22.19
CBS Dallas 2.22.19
Khon2 2.22.19
NBC Dallas 2.22.19
Paddle Your Own Kanoo 2.22.19
American Airlines Flight Attendant Union Demands Investigation Into Company's Involvement in Demeaning Sex Object Video
Forbes 2.23.19
CBS DFW 2.17.19
CBS News 2.18.19
CNBC 1.18.19
Dallas News 2.17.19
Forbes 1.17.19
Fox News 2.18.19
NBC DFW 2.17.19
Oregon Live 2.18.19
Paddle Your Own Kanoo 2.17.19
Paddle Your Own Kanoo (Update) 2.18.19
Star-Telegram 2.17.19
WFAA 2.17.19
WFAA (Video) 1.17.19
Aviation industry watches for signs of trouble as shutdown enters critical week - Dallas News - 1.7.19
American Airlines heads into 2019 with pilots, flight attendants pushing early start to contract talks - Dallas News - 11.19.18
'Extreme Dissatisfaction': Here's Why American Airlines Flight Attendants Are Protesting in 15 Airports This Weekend - - 11.18.18
Letter of Support from APA - 11.16.18
Letter of Support from IAM - 11.14.18
American Airlines flight attendants to picket in show of ‘extreme dissatisfaction’ - 11.13.18
Letter of Support from TWU - 11.10.18
At the American Airlines Carrier Where Bomb-Checking Employees Are Paid $9 an Hour, Staff Have Had Enough - - 8.21.18
American Airlines hits another merger milestone with flight attendant integration - Dallas Morning News - 10.01.18
American Airlines Flight Attendants To Company Officials: Wake Up! - KLIF 570 - 8.30.18
Flight attendant union protests outside American Airlines HQ - Fox 46 - 8.30.18
Flight attendants give American Airlines 'wake up' call with headquarters picket - Dallas News - 8.30.18
American Airlines Flight Attendants To Company Officials: Wake Up! - WBAP News Talk 820AM - 8.30.18
American Airlines Flight Attendants Will Picket Their Own Airline Today Over Its 'Inhumane' and 'Punitive' New Policy - - 8.30.18
Flight Attendants Plan Protest at American Airlines Headquarters - NBC5 Dallas - 8.30.18
American Airlines flight attendants to picket headquarters Thursday - Chicago Business Journal - 8.30.18
Flight Attendants Plan Protest at American Airlines Headquarters - NBC DFW - 8.30.18
American Airlines Flight Attendants Will Picket Their Own Airline Today Over Its 'Inhumane' and 'Punitive' New Policy - Inc. - 8.30.18
Google Just Released Some Staggering Research That Should Shock Every Business - Inc. - 8.19.18
American Airlines flight attendants wage (new) war over attendance policy - Chicago Business Journal - 8.17.18
Has American Slipped Behind United To Become The Number Three Airline? A Top Analyst Says It Has - Forbes - 8.06.18
American Airlines Legend Bob Crandall on How Mergers Led to Increased Inequality - Skift - 7.24.18
New National Leadership Begins Work For The APFA - Aero News Network - 7.03.18
Dallas flight attendant speaks out on plight of detained immigrant children - Fox 4 News - 6.20.18
American Airlines Flight Attendants get some unwelcome news - Chicago Business Journal - 6.14.18
Bill to combat sexual harassment in the air brings flight attendants into the #MeToo era - Dallas Morning News - 5.17.18
Bill Aims to Fight Sexual Harassment on Flights - Atlanta Journal Constitution - 5.17.18
Lawmakers Want to Crack Down on Sexual Harassment/Assault on Planes - CNBC - 5.17.18

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