Know The Facts

Depression is a serious illness that involves the brain. It is more than just feeling “blue”.

It’s feeling down or hopeless for weeks at a time.

About 19 million Americans have depression.

It can make it very hard to care for yourself, your family, or hold down a job.

Four steps to understand and get help for depression.

1. Recognize the signs of depression

2. Understand that depression is a real illness

3. See a doctor, get a checkup and talk about how you are feeling.

4. Get treatment for your depression.

1. Recognize the signs of depression.

Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood.

Sleeping to little or too much, early morning awakening.

Reduced or increase appetite.

Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.

Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.


Thoughts of suicide.


If you are working with a Flight Attendant who is talking about killing themselves, get help:

Call 911

2. What causes depression?

There may be several causes:

Changes in brain chemistry

Painful life events

Sometime the cause is not clear

3. Seek professional attention.

Refer the Flight Attendant to the EAP, AA Medical, or their personal physician.

4. Get treatment.

There are two types of treatment for depression:

  • Medication
  • “talk” therapy


How to help someone who may have depression

Tell them that you are concerned about him or her.

Talk to the person about seeing a doctor.

Follow up with them to ensure that they are seeking medical attention.

Be there for the person after he or she starts treatment.


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