Types of Inadvertent Slide Deployments

Partial Deployment

A partial slide deployment occurs when a slide pack falls from the bustle but does not fully inflate. On the 737, one of the most common causes of this type of deployment is when the girt bar is not fully secured in the j-hooks beneath the slide bustle, causing the girt bar to catch on an object and pull the slide from the pack.


Full Deployment

Full slide deployments occur exactly as they sound; the slide pack falls from the bustle and fully inflates.


What Happens After an ISD?

If you are at a base station, Flight Service will more than likely come to the aircraft to complete an ISD Data Collection Form. In order to complete this form, the responding FSM must ask you questions about your sequence, when you attended CQ, if any other departments were involved, etc. The ISD Data Collection Form is automatically sent to the appropriate departments at the company as well as APFA Safety & Security.

Cabin ASAP is a voluntary program, but we highly recommend that if you are involved in an ISD event that you strongly consider submitting a Cabin ASAP report. If you choose to submit a report, it is in your best interest to submit it as quickly as possible.

You will be removed PW pending an investigation and asked to participate in an ISD debrief. The committee that conducts the debrief is comprised of a member of Flight Service Training, Safety Management Systems, Flight Service Policies & Procedures, and APFA Safety & Security. The debrief is non-punitive and the purpose is to hear the sequence of events in your own words. It is imperative that you are honest and provide a detailed account of the events as they happened.

Be sure to consult with your local APFA representatives before meeting with members of management.

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