Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

2012 Hotlines

12.31.12 – (LAA) – FAA Reauthorization Bill, Oversigh for the Aircraft Cabin, Pensions, HR 3824

  APFA Legislative Year in Review 12.31.12 To quote Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.  The bankruptcy and restructuring of American Airlines has required our personal and collective resolve this past year.  And yet, as the 112th Congress winds down, it is important to reflect on several…

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12.29.12 – (LAA) – APA Approves Memo of Understanding, WTS Notifications, Reserve Supplemental Flying, Critical Coverage Flying, OSHA, Reciprocal Agreement with United Express, Uniform Points

  APFA Hotline – APA Reaches Memo of Understanding December 29, 2012 APA APPROVES MEMO OF UNDERSTANDINGThe following hotline was issued today by APA: “This morning the APA Board of Directors voted 11-5 to approve a proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for consideration by AMR and US Airways managements and the US Airline Pilots Association…

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12.21.12 – (LAA) – WTS Notifications, Uniform Deadlin, Thresholds, Staffing Changes

  APFA Hotline Update December 21, 2012 Willingness to Serve NotificationsWillingness to Serve Notifications for Base Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Operational Council Representatives (OCR) for all bases will be mailed to APFA members on December 5, 2012. If you are interested in further serving your union, these forms are due back in the designated PO…

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12.20.12 – (LAA) – APFA Signs NDA With UCC, US Airways and AA

  APFA Hotline Update – APFA Signs NDA With UCC, US Airways and AA December 20, 2012 APFA has been invited to participate in confidential discussions with the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee (UCC) and the management teams of American and US Airways and has signed a non-disclosure agreement in order to permit those discussions to move…

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12.20.12 – (LAA) – NMB Ruling on Representation of Union Workers in a Merger

  NMB Ruling on Representation of Union Workers in a Merger December 20, 2012 The National Mediation Board’s final ruling on the showing of interest threshold for the representation of unionized workers following a merger was announced today. That threshold is now 50 percent. In this year’s FAA reauthorization bill, the threshold for unrepresented workgroups…

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12.20.12 – (LAA) – AA Files Motion to Sell London Townhouse

  AA Files Motion to Sell London Townhouse December 20, 2012 Today in bankruptcy court, AMR filed a motion to sell its infamous London townhouse. The sale price is over £14 million (or $23 million). As so many of us will recall, this property continued to receive a great deal of attention from the onset…

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12.15.12 – (LAA) – Bankruptcy Update, Me Too, Impementation, and ODCG Supplement, Block Times, OSHA, Uniform Deadline, VEOP Payments, Hawaiian Air Reciprocal Agreement, Prefunding Refunds

  APFA Hotline 12.15.12 Bankruptcy UpdateEarly on in AMR’s bankruptcy process, as early as April, Flight Attendants realized that a merger with US Airways inside of bankruptcy was best not only for American employees, but for the Company and the traveling public as well. The long term viability of the Company and therefore the job…

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12.14.12 – (LAA) – Tragedy in Newtown Connecticut

  A Message from APFA President Laura Glading 12.14.12 Today’s news from Connecticut is a tragedy of unfathomable depths particularly for the mothers and fathers, among us. Like so many of my fellow flight attendants, I am, above all, a parent. Please join me in praying for those killed in today’s shooting and the loved…

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12.12.12 – (LAA) Prefunding Refund Checks Being Mailed

APFA Hotline Update – December 12, 2012 It is official that JP Morgan will be mailing FAs and TWU Ground workers their PREFUNDING Refund Checks today, 12DEC12. APFA President Laura Glading and the Negotiating Table Team pushed to have this refund mailed before the Holidays and are pleased that our members will receive their refund this…

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12.08.12 – (LAA) – ODCG Supplement Ready for Download, APFA Ratifies Contract, WTS Notifications, NMB, Sick Pay, International Training for Domestic FAs, 2013 Benefits, Monthly Premiums, Coverage Cancellations

  APFA Hotline December 8, 2012On-Duty Contract Guide Supplement Ready For Download ODCG SupplementThe Supplement to the On-Duty Contract Guide is complete and ready for download at It reflects the changes to our contract brought about by the LBFO. This comes after weeks of painstaking work clarifying language with management. Members can download the…

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12.6.12 – (LAA) – Critical Coverage Pay Explained

APFA Special Hotline 12.6.12 Critical Coverage Pay Explained First, before we elaborate on the Critical Coverage Pay, let’s get some confusion out of the way. The company just dropped their annual holiday card in FA mailboxes designating the stricter attendance policy guidelines when calling in sick between 22DEC and 03JAN. The company calls this its “critical…

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12.07.12 – (LAA) – APA Ratifies TA

  APA Ratifies TA 73.7% Yes – Nearly 97% of Membership Cast Ballots APA announced today that its membership has ratified the Tentative Agreement. With 97% of the membership casting ballots, 5489 voted in favor (73.78%) and 1951 voted against. The Bankruptcy Judge will approve the Agreement on December 19th. Immediately following their results, APA…

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10.24.12 – (LAA) – Non-Disclosure Agreement Quiet Period, VEOP/TSP Exit Awards, Day-Before Coverage

APFA Hotline Thursday, October 24, 2012 The “Non-Disclosure Agreement” (NDA) Quiet Period Since the NDA was signed in early September, US Airways and AA have been awfully quiet about the possibility of a merger inside or post-bankruptcy. While the lack of public statements makes it seem like nothing is happening, nothing could be further from…

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11.30.12 – (LAA) – FAA, OSHA Propose Oversight of Aircraft Cabin

  APFA Press Release 11.30.12   APFA Welcomes Prospect of New Workplace ProtectionsFAA, OSHA Propose Oversight of Aircraft Cabin  Contact: Julie Frederick   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  EULESS, TX (November 30, 2012) – The Federal Aviation Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration proposed new policies today to address flight attendant workplace safety. The proposed regulations…

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10.28.12 – (LAA) – Hurricane Sandy and Last Five Days and Guarantee Protection

  Special Hotline Update Hurricane Sandy – Last Five Days and Guarantee Protection – October 28, 2012 There have been hundreds of cancellations in the Northeast due to Hurricane Sandy. So far, the company has canceled 860 flights, and counting. In some cases, IPE Training has also been canceled. If you are on origination or mid-sequence,…

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11.30.12 – (LAA) – FAA and OSHA Announced a Policy Proposal to Establish Workplace Protections, Samsum Tablets, WTS, Mutual Pairings, First 50 VEOP Flight Attendants

APFA Hotline – November 30, 2012 Important FAA Announcement Today, the FAA and OSHA announced a policy proposal to establish workplace protections in the aircraft cabin. As you know, APFA has been working for many years to achieve OSHA protections and we can now look forward to seeing some of these protections enacted and incorporated…

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11.29.12 – One-Year Bankruptcy Anniversary

  APFA Special Hotline Update One-Year Anniversary of AMR Bankruptcy November 29, 2012 One year ago today, on November 29, 2011, we awoke to the news that AMR had filed for bankruptcy. While this was a shock to some, APFA and its members were not completely caught off guard. In fact, APFA had been preparing…

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11.28.12 – (LAA) – OE Above Guarantee For Reserve FAs Begins December 2nd

OE Above Guarantee For Reserve FAs Begins December 2nd – 11.28.12  We are pleased to inform you that the company has agreed to implement pay for “OE on top of Reserve Guarantee,” effective December 2, 2012. This permanent Reserve enhancement will initially be processed manually until such time as it can be automated. There will…

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11.27.12 – Known Crewmember Program Now in Effect for AA FAs

APFA Special Hotline Known Crew Member Program Now In Effect For AA Flight Attendants – November 27, 2012 APFA is pleased that the database required for AA Flight Attendants to be granted access into the Known Crew Member (KCM) Program has been activated. This means that the TSA has activated KCM access for AA Flight Attendants.…

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11.24.12 – (LAA) – Mutual Pairings, APA TA, Galaxy Tablets, Reserve OE’s Above Guarantee

  APFA Weekly Hotline November 24, 2012 MUTUAL PAIRINGSThe next round of Domestic and International mutual pairings will be made at the beginning of December, for the effective date January 1, 2013. All pairings are made in seniority order from the standing transfer list for Domestic transfers, and the standing proffer list for International proffers.…

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11.17.12 – (LAA) – Sick Pay, LBFO December Implementation, Reserve Numbers, Contract Cabin Cleaners, 737 Staffing Minimum Crew, Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreement with Spirit Airlines

  APFA Hotline November 17, 2012 SICK PAYWe continue to receive several questions on this topic every day. To be clear: Neither our Sick Pay nor AA’s Sick Policy have changed. Sick Pay continues to be paid (out of your sick bank) per sequence, NOT at a daily rate. LBFO DECEMBER IMPLEMENTATIONThis month brings with…

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11.16.12 – (LAA) – Welcome to Final Group of Furloughed FAs Still Holding Recall Rights Returning to the Line

November 16, 2012  Dear Flight Attendants, First, on behalf of the American Airlines Flight Attendants, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the final group of furloughed Flight Attendants still holding recall rights who are finally returning to the line. Effective today, 122 recalled FAs reported to either LGA, DCA, MIA or DFW.…

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11.11.12 – (LAA) – LBFO Implementation Info, Benefits Enrollment, Hurricane Sandy, APA “Deal in Principle”, Prefunding, Human Trafficking

   APFA Hotline Sunday, November 11, 2012   Click on one of the quicklinks below to be taken directly to that topic:From the Negotiating Team AvailabilitySick Clearance at 12 Noon Local Base TimeLong Call ReserveBenefits EnrollmentHurricane AssistancePilots Get A “Deal In Principle”AA Gets a Green Light to Freeze Pilots’ “A-Fund”More Anti-LaborPrefunding Q&AsReciprocal Cabin Seat Agreement…

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11.8.12 – (LAA) – US National Election Results

  A Message from APFA’s National Officers 11.8.12   Tuesday’s election results were, for the most part, very encouraging. Not only did the APFA-endorsed President and Vice President win, but many of our friends and supporters running for Senate and the House of Representatives prevailed as well. We would like to offer our congratulations to…

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11.02.12 – (LAA) – 401K Match Deadline

  APFA Hotline Update – 11.2.12 REMINDER: 401(k) Match Deadline Today 1500 CentralREMINDER: If you are enrolled in the 401k plan but are not contributing enough to take advantage of the full 5.5% Company match that went into effect November 1st, you have until today, Friday, November 2, 2012, at 1500 Central Time to increase…

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