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11.03.12 – (LAA) – Hurricane Sandy, WINGS FADRF, Me Too Again, Merger Talks, LBFO Implementation, Staffing Changes, Scheduling Changes, Known Crew Member Program

  Hurricane Pay Protection, Me Too, Implementation   Daylight Savings Time Ends  Sunday, November 4th at 0200, Daylight Savings Time Ends. Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour.  Hurricane Sandy APFA has reached agreement with the Company and achieved several methods of pay protection for those Flight Atttendants whose trips were affected by Hurricane…

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10.31.12 – (LAA) – WINGS Disaster Relief, Benefits Enrollment

APFA Hotline Update – 10.31.12 WINGS Disaster Relief – 2013 Benefits Enrollment – OEs: Why and Why Not? Disaster Relief FundHurricane Sandy has left a devastating trail of damage to the Northeast. The WINGS Foundation’s Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Fund (FADRF) is available to assist any Flight Attendant whose home has been affected. WINGS FADRF…

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10.28.12 – (LAA) – Hurricane Sandy, Last Five Days and Guarantee Protection

Special Hotline Update Hurricane Sandy – Last Five Days and Guarantee Protection – October 28, 2012 There have been hundreds of cancellations in the Northeast due to Hurricane Sandy. So far, the company has canceled 860 flights, and counting. In some cases, IPE Training has also been canceled. If you are on origination or mid-sequence, please…

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10.24.12 – (LAA) – 2012 National Election Endorsements

    Special APFA Hotline – Decision ’12    10.24.12 Please note: Union dues are never used to support political candidates. APFA has a voluntary PAC (political action committee). For more information and to join the APFA PAC, go to: index.php/732 On November 6th, millions of Americans will go to the polls to vote, exercising our fundamental…

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10.18.12 – (LAA) – AA Plans to Hire 1,500 FAs Over Next 12 Months, Retirement Instructions, 2011 Pension Statement

  APFA Hotline Update: New Hires! Retirement 1,2,3 and APFA’s Fall Board Meeting October 18, 2012 New Hires!AA announced that it will be interviewing Flight Attendant candidates beginning in November. No doubt, this is great news for the membership since our system has been all but stagnant since 2001. Classes are set to begin at…

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10.16.12 – (LAA) – UCC and AMR File Joint Motion Requesting 30-Day Extension to the Exclusivity Period

APFA Bankruptcy Update 10.16.12 In a document filed today in Bankruptcy Court, The Unsecured Creditors Committee (UCC) and AMR filed a joint motion requesting a 30-day extension to the exclusivity period. The Motion cites the parties’ ongoing consideration of strategic alternatives as an important reason for this extension. APFA is encouraged by the fact that…

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10.13.12 – (LAA) – Health Benefits, Oct 15th Paychecks, Me Too, VEOP Exit Bidding, Tablets, 401K Match

  Health Benefits, Oct. 15th Paychecks, Me Too, VEOP Exit Bidding, Tablets, 401(k) Match, etc., for October 13, 2012.    NOW: Petition AMR’s Board to Save Our Brand and Merge with US AirwaysAPFA President Laura Glading met with APA President Keith Wilson this week to discuss a commitment to working together and how best the…

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10.15.12 – (LAA) – Health Benefits, Oct. 15th Paychecks, Me Too, VEOP Exit Bidding, Tablets, 401(k) Match

  Health Benefits, Oct. 15th Paychecks, Me Too, VEOP Exit Bidding, Tablets, 401(k) Match, etc., for October 13, 2012.  NOW: Petition AMR’s Board to Save Our Brand and Merge with US AirwaysAPFA President Laura Glading met with APA President Keith Wilson this week to discuss a commitment to working together and how best the two…

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10.8.12 – (LAA) – Petition AMR Board to Support Merger with US Airways Inside Bankruptcy

  APFA Hotline Update 10.8.12 Calling All AA and US Airways Employees – SIGN THE PETITION With every signature encouraging AMR’s Board to support a merger with US Airways inside bankruptcy, an individual email will be sent to each Director. So far, each of the Board of Directors has received 2,364 emails. Let’s push that…

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10.06.12 – (LAA) – AA State of Affairs as of October 6, 2012

  AA State of Affairs – October 6, 2012   I have heard from many of you over the past few weeks during what can easily be described as a new low point in American Airlines history. I know it isn’t easy to sit back and watch our company appear to fall apart at the seams…

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10.03.12 – (LAA) – APA Strike Balloting Ends, VEOP Exit Bidding Dates, National Presidential Election, AIFS Online Training Discontinued, Verify Hours for SK and VC Accrual

  Wednesday, October 3, 2012.  It has become nearly impossible to ignore the news now that AA is front and center morning, noon and night. And never more so than recently due to three separate incidents of loose seats on the aircraft. Bobby Gless, the deputy director of TWU’s air transport division issued a statement…

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9.28.12 – (LAA) – TSP Closing, Departure Date Ballot for TSP and VEOP, Required International Training for Domestic FAs Subject to Reserve, US Airways TA, FA Coalition, Uniform Points

  Weekly Hotline Update 9.28.12  This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline for Friday, September 28, 2012. TSP Closes at 2300 Friday, September 28, 2012So far about 40 FAs have elected to take the Travel Separation Program. The window to submit your request will close on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 2300 CDT. …

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9.27.12 – (LAA) – International Training for Domestic FAs Subject to Reserve

  SPECIAL HOTLINE UPDATE   APFA Call To Action 9.27.12 Required International Training for Domestic FAs Subject to ReserveThe Company is about to begin International Training for Domestic Flight Attendants that are subject to Reserve. This is in preparation for a merged operation per the newly-ratified contract. This Training is expected to last at least 12-14…

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9.22.12 – (LAA) – Bidding Re-Opens

  SPECIAL HOTLINE UPDATE Bidding Re-Opens 9.22.12 The company has reopened bids effective 1700 local base time today (Saturday), September 22, 2012 and states that bids will close on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 1200 local base time. There are no changes to International allocations; all changes were made to the Domestic allocations. All previously…

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9.20.12 – (LAA) – October Bidding, VEOP, TSP, EC Quarterly Meeting

  APFA Hotline for Thursday, September 20, 2012. October Bidding AA has notified APFA that all bid ballots – International as well as Domestic –  will be deleted automatically once the new bidding information for Domestic is uploaded. If you have already bid for International and would like to retrieve your ballot prior to its…

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9.19.12 – (LAA) – AA Announces Hotel Layover Changes for Domestic, Bidsheet Delay

  SPECIAL HOTLINE UPDATE AA Announces Hotel Layover Changes for Domestic in October – 9.19.12 The company has noticed APFA that it will begin implementing changes to our layover hotels. The initial changes will impact some of our domestic markets beginning in October and start moving systemwide in November. Obviously, the company will perform cost…

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9.18.12 – (LAA) – AA Announces a Do-Over on Domestic FA Bidsheets

  SPECIAL HOTLINE UPDATE  AA Announces a Do-Over on Domestic FA Bidsheets – 9.18.12 The company noticed APFA today that bid sheets for the domestic operation would be completely reworked causing an obvious delay. The reasons it gave for the reduction in schedule from yesterday’s news reports were “a number of factors, including higher than…

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9.17.12 – (LAA) – VEOP Update and Deadline

  VEOP UPDATE AND DEADLINE – 9.17.12 As of this morning, the company reports that 1,624 Flight Attendants have requested the Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP). The deadline to take advantage of the VEOP is this Thursday, September 20 at 2300 Central Time. There are three remaining briefings this week: Tuesday, September 18 – DCA…

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9.14.12 – (LAA) – LBFO Becomes Contract, Final Recall Numbers, VEOP, Confirming VEOP, Implementation Schedule, Pension Freeze, Lock-Ins and Laterals

  APFA Hotline for Friday, September 14, 2012 On Tuesday morning, union representatives and staff gathered at APFA’s 9/11 memorial site and placed a wreath of white flowers to honor our colleagues who were killed 11 years ago. US Airways employees sent APFA, APA and TWU a beautiful picture of their main headquarters with flags…

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9.12.12 – (LAA) – Bankruptcy Judge Approves FA Contract

Bankruptcy Judge Approves Flight Attendant Contract – September 12, 2012 Today in Bankruptcy Court, the U.S. Trustee’s objection was addressed and resolved. AA’s motion for the approval of our newly-ratified contract was granted along with the two remaining TWU contracts. We do not have a schedule of implementation at the moment. With our me-too, AA…

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9.11.12 – (LAA) – Remembering 9.11.01

  Remembering Our Fallen Heroes – September 11, 2012 Dear Flight Attendants, Today is a difficult day for our profession, our industry, our nation, and the world. The awful attacks of September 11, 2001 affected us all in a very profound way and the eleven years since have been full of challenges that continue to…

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9.09.12 – (LAA) – Signing Bonus, American Eagle 1113, VEOP, Recalls, Language Drop Proffer, Equity Claim, Bankruptcy Trustee File Objection

  APFA Hotline for Sunday, September 9, 2012  On September 12, the court is scheduled to approve our ratified contract as well as the three recently-ratified TWU Contracts. The pilots are currently without a contract but expect to hear from management about concessions next week. The company also stated they will continue to try to…

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9.05.12 – (LAA) – Venue Change for DFW VEOP Meeting

  Venue Change for Friday August 7th 2012 DFW VEOP Meeting – 9.5.12 Flight Attendant response to the Voluntary Early Out (VEOP) briefing in Dallas this Friday has been larger than expected. So much so that we’ve outgrown the Yandry Center and moved the meeting place to the Embassy Suites DFW South in Irving.  If you are…

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9.4.12 – (LAA) – Bankruptcy Cour’s Decision on APFA Contract

  Bankruptcy Court’s Decision on APA Contract – September 4, 2012 Today in Bankruptcy Court, Judge Lane granted AA’s renewed Section 1113 motion to reject the pilot’s collective bargaining agreement following several hours of argument from AA and APA. The Judge explained that his ruling on August 15th identifying the two narrow issues in AA’s…

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9.01.12 – (LAA) – Furlough Recall, US Airways Signs the NDA, AMR Bankruptcy, Equity Claim, Sick Time, Proffers, Transfers, and Mutuals, Sick Time

  APFA Hotline for Saturday, September 1, 2012.  Furlough Recall   On this Labor Day Weekend, APFA is especially pleased to be welcoming back the remaining 211 furloughed Flight Attendants. Wednesday, AA announced their return to the line in November. Recall packets were sent out via Fed Ex on Thursday, August 30th. FAs must respond to…

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