LAA / LUS Acronyms

LAA / LUS Flight Attendant List of Acronyms

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The following list has been compiled for LAA and LUS Flight Attendants to better understand each other’s terminology. These acronyms come from the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA), the LAA Conditional Labor Agreement (CLA), the LUS Red Book, and other sources. This list will be updated as more acronyms are identified.


AB – Adjacent Base Flying

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

ASG – Assign

ATC – Air Traffic Control

BL – Bid Leave

CISD – Critical Incident Stress Debrief

CRAF – Civil Reserve Air Fleet

DRC – Dispute Resolution Conference

EAP – Employee Assistance Program

ETB – Electronic Trade Board

FARC – Flight Attendant Resource Center

FASC – Flight Attendant Service Center

FOI – Flight Attendant Operational Integration

FOS – Flight Operations System

FML / FMLA – Family Medical Leave

HBT – Home Base Time

HBR – Home Base Rest

HDR – Home Domicile Rest

HDT – Home Domicile Time

IOD – Injury On Duty

IPD – International Premium Destination

IROPS – System Irregular Operations

ISAP – Iterative Schedule Adjustment Process

JIRC – Joint Implementation Resolution Committee

JSC – Joint Scheduling Committee

JSIC – Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee

LE – Location Delay Incentive Pay

LOD/O – Language of Destination/Origin aka Speaker

LPP – Labor Protective Provisions

NIPD – Non-International Premium Destination

NMB – National Mediation Board

NOD – Notice of Dispute

NTI – Non – Transoceanic International

ODAN – On Duty All Nighter Duty Periods

OE – Optional Exchange

OJI – On the Job Injury

OPR – On Premise Reserve

PAC – Political Action Committee

PBS – Preferential Bidding System

PLOA – Personal Leave of Absence

PROJ – Projection

PPROJ – Pay Projection

PSS – Passenger Service System

PVD – Personal Vacation Day

RAP – Reserve Availability Periods

ROC – Remain On Call

RON – Remain Over Night

ROTA – Reserve Open Time Award

RSV – Reserve Duty Day

SBA – System Board of Adjustment

SID – Seniority Integration Date

SOC – Single Operating Certificate

SPROJ – Schedule Projection

SSD – Safety and Security Department

TDY – Temporary Duty Assignment

TI – Transoceanic International

TTS – Trip Trade System

VE – Voluntary Duty Extension Pay

VLOA – Voluntary Leave Of Absence

VTSP – Voluntary Travel Separation Program


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