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Regional Representative #7 Position

APFA is accepting résumés for the position of Regional Representative in accordance with Article IX Section 4.B of the APFA Constitution which states, "In no case shall there be less than one (1) Regional Representative for each four thousand (4,000) members, or fraction thereof, on the combined system seniority list(s) of all airlines whose Flight Attendant employees are represented by the APFA." Flight Attendant headcount has grown above 24,000 members, necessitating the addition of Regional Representative #7.

Regional Representative Position #7 will be filled at the Second Quarter Executive Committee Meeting scheduled for July 28, 2022.

What does the Regional Representative position entail per the APFA Constitution?

The duties of the Regional Representative shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

(1)  The Regional Representative shall coordinate with each President in his/her Region and assist with those activities as deemed necessary by the President which affect interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement(s), grievance procedures and local policies for all operations at the base.

(2) The Regional Representative is responsible for representation of all first level dismissal cases involving Flight Attendants.

(3)  The Regional Representative shall assist in the preparation of and/or presentation of cases before the System Board of Adjustment at the direction of the National Vice President.

(4)  The Regional Representative shall initiate and maintain communication with Company personnel in his/her Region.

(5)  The Regional Representative may assist in the training of base representatives when deemed necessary by the National Vice President.

(6)  The Regional Representative must coordinate all of his/her duties with the National Vice President and/or National President of the Association.

Position Description & Requirements

Below are the requirements described in the APFA Policy Manual and the APFA Constitution for the position of Regional Representative:

  1. Must be an active member in good standing
  2. Member of APFA for:
    • One (1) or more years for National Chair
    • Two (2) or more years for Regional Representative
  3. Served in at least one (1) of the following elected/appointed positions:
    • National Officer
    • Base President
    • Base Vice President
    • Cumulative one (1) year experience as a Base Council Representative
      • For National Chair, experience should be from the national department/committee for the position being sought
      • For Regional Representative, experience should be as a base Dispute Representative or base representative from the National Scheduling Department / Committee
    • Member of an APFA national committee existing prior to the adoption of the Policy Manual or established pursuant to Section 13.B. of the Policy Manual
    • Member of a standing negotiating committee or former negotiator
    • Regional Representative
    • National Chair
    • Board Member – Flight Attendant System Board of Adjustment (SBA)
    • Union Advocate – Flight Attendant SBA
    • Cumulative six (6) months of experience as Scheduling Representative on Duty (SROD) and/or Contract Administration Representative on Duty (CARD)
    • Ad Hoc Member of the APFA Executive Committee

Comparable Experience

The APFA Policy Manual states “for all LUS Flight Attendants, comparable AFA experience with US Airways shall count toward the union experience requirement.”

Submitting Your Resume & Deadline

After reviewing the information above, you may click here to submit your resume.

The deadline to submit is no later than July 18, 2022, at 0900 (CT).

Term Duration

The position will commence on August 1, 2022, ending on April 30, 2024.

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