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3.03.00 – (LAA) – Negotiations Update, InfoRep , Delta and Ford Motor Company, Unconscious Passenger Checklist, AEDs, CPR, Defibrillators, Code Red

March 3, 2000

Part I

Hello, this is Catt Napper, SFO Vice Chair, with a Negotiations update for Friday, March 3.

This week in Dallas, your APFA TEAM 2000 Negotiators have been diligently working in Subcommittee to prepare contract proposals for this round of bargaining.

On Monday, March 6, some of the Negotiators and Special Advisory Committee Members will be attending a special Info Rep Meeting in New York. The meeting will take place at the JFK Ramada Plaza Hotel, and will be open to Info Reps at 12:00 noon, followed by a Base meeting, open to all members in good standing, at 1:00PM. Results of the membership surveys, along with other Negotiations news will be shared. The meeting will be hosted by local Base Representatives.

The entire APFA Negotiating Team will make a formal presentation to the APFA Board of Directors, during the APFA Annual Convention in Westlake, Texas, on March 13. For more information concerning the convention, please continue listening to the next portion of the hotline.

The second special Info Rep/Base Meeting will be held in Los Angeles on Monday, March 27, and will be hosted by Base Representatives. Members of the Negotiating Committee and the Special Advisory Committee will be in attendance. The location and time will be announced in a later hotline.

The next scheduled meeting between the Union and the Company is Thursday, March 9, in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area.

Do you have thoughts or comments you would like to share with your Negotiators? In the center section of the Skyword, you will find comment cards and also a tear-out business card listing all of your Negotiators along with their voicemail extensions. Your feedback is important. We want to hear from you. Check out the APFA website at and click onto the Negotiations link for negotiations news.

Thank you for calling the APFA hotline, and please stay on the line for Marcus Gluth with more APFA and industry news...

Part II

Hello. This is Marcus Gluth, Miami International based Flight Attendant, with more APFA HotLine news for the week ending Friday, March 3rd.

On the heels of similar announcements by major corporations such as Ford Motor Company and Delta Airlines, American announced on Wednesday that it will soon make available a top-of-the-line home computer, printer, and Internet / IntrAAnet access for all employees at little or no cost. The exact pricing structure has not yet been finalized, but the cost will not exceed $12 per month for the computer, printer and Internet access package for three years. After the three years, the employee will own the computer outright. Other upgrades and options will be available, such as laptops and discounted Internet access for those who already own a computer. More details will be forthcoming over the next several weeks as American researches the various vendors and suppliers. Meantime, check SABRE star record N * ONTIMEONLINE for more information.

The APFA Safety Department has been receiving calls from Flight Attendants concerned about the newly designed CPR / AED proficiency evaluation conducted at this year’s EPTs. In this portion of the workshop, you will be expected to demonstrate your understanding of the unconscious checklist, CPR and AED procedures. This will be a hands-on proficiency evaluation, working one-on-one with an instructor. The pass/fail policy of the evaluation is similar to the drill pass/fail policy, with a minor exception: each element of the evaluation will have a point value, with 80% being the passing score. National Safety Coordinator Kathy Lord-Jones has observed the workshop and skills evaluation and has found it to be a vital component in assuring that all Flight Attendants feel comfortable and are confident to handle any medical emergency. It is important that these medical procedures be committed to memory, just like our evacuation procedures, so that each one of us is able to respond quickly and efficiently. To lessen any apprehension that you may have prior to attending this years EPTs, the APFA Safety Department strongly suggests that you review the procedures regarding the ‘Code Red’ card, unconscious checklist, CPR and the use of the AED. Most Flight Attendants who have attended EPTs have reported that they have found this portion of the training to be informative and worthwhile. It has given them a sense of confidence that has diminished their anxieties about getting involved in a medical emergency onboard the aircraft.

Please note that the primary vacation bidding period will close at 0001 Central Standard Time on Tuesday, March 7th, and awards will be posted in your HI10 no later than March 15th. Following the posting, the secondary vacation bidding period will open on Thursday, March 16th and close one week later at 0001 Central Standard Time on March 23rd. Awards will be posted in your HI10 no later than March 31st. If you have questions regarding bidding for your vacation dates, contact the APFA Contract Department at headquarters extension 8171.

Flight Attendants based at both IDF and LAX-I should review Appendix I, Article 7.A. of the Agreement regarding the construction of pure trip selections on the bid sheet. Flight Attendants at these two bases are being polled by their local base APFA leaders regarding proposed exceptions to the bid line maximums on the routes from DFW to both Sao Paulo (GRU) and Frankfurt (FRA), for IDF Flight Attendants, and the route from LAX to London Heathrow (LHR) for LAX-I Flight Attendants. The deadlines for responding to the polls are Monday, March 13th for IDF, and Saturday, March 25th for LAX-I. Contact your base chair or vice-chairpersons if you have any questions or you need a polling form.

The APFA Annual Convention will take place from March 13th through the 17th at the Marriott Solana in Westlake, Texas, near DFW. Members in good standing are welcome to attend all open portions of the meeting. An awards and recognition dinner will be held the first evening, March 13th, with a reception beginning at 6:00 p.m.

APFA base meetings for March are: JFK / LGA on Monday, March 6th; DFW and LAX on Wednesday, March 8th; IDF on Tuesday, March 14th, and SFO / SFO-I on Wednesday, March 29th. Check your local base bulletin boards, or the APFA web site, to verify meeting places and times.

Hotel reviews will be conducted during March in: Vail, San Jose (California), Washington Dulles, Kingston, Caracas, and Rome. Please direct your comments regarding these or other layover facilities to the APFA Hotel Department at headquarters extension 8306, use the hotel debrief form in operations, at the APFA website’s hotel section..

That’s it for this week. For those of you on the Internet, be sure to check out the various links attached to this HotLine on our web site at: Remember to always wear your APFA pin proudly as a sign of our independence, unity and strength. And thank-you for calling the APFA HotLine.

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