Cabin Cleanliness

Report the level cleanliness on the aircraft including the lavatory, galley, cabin, and Flight Attendants work area

COVID-19 Exposure

Exposed to COVID-19? Report your exposure to help APFA track the spread of the virus

Crew Scheduling

Submit your experiences with Crew Schedule, Crew Tracking, Crew Scheduling Systems and the Hotel Limo desk

Early Boarding Violation

Report an early boarding violation to help APFA compile and track violations

Hot Cabin

Report hot cabin temperatures and any symptoms felt by passengers and crew members

Hotel & Transportation Feedback

Report negative or positive experiences with hotels and transportation to and from the airport

Pay Discrepancy

Issue with your pay? Report a discrepancy with your paycheck, Direct Connect, or schedule

PBS Misaward

Submit your PBS Misaward challenge

Rescheduling Issues

Report a rescheduling problem including no rest, trip missed, and flying added at the end of a sequence

Safety/Security Breach

Report ground security or in-flight security issues in the cabin, on the ground, or at the boarding gate

Scheduling Systems Issues

Report an issue with scheduling systems including ROTA/ROTAD, ETB, and UBL

Staffing Levels Report

Report issues encountered with staffing level changes

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