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  • 5.22.15b

    LUS - Code 59 (Ready for Departure/Brake Release)Code 59, also known as Ready for Departure (RFD) delay, is an ATC delay that prohibits pushback from a gate due to ramp, radio, or airport congestion or deicing delays. The following flow charts were created to help you understand each of the two Read More
  • 5.22.15

    Upcoming Changes to the US Airways, Inc. Employee Savings Plan - LUS Flight Attendants currently participating in the US Airways, Inc. Employee Savings Plan (the Plan) will experience a few changes over the next few months. By now, you should have received at your home address on file with the Company, Read More
  • 5.21.15

    The Hotel Page contains a great deal of helpful information about our layover hotels including: LAA System Hotel List, LUS System Hotel List, LAA Hotel Amenities, LUS Hotel Amenities, LAA New Hotel List, LUS New Hotel List, LAA / LUS Temporary Layover Hotel Relocations. And as always, if you have Read More
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