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  • 3.30.15

    Printed Contract Coming to Your Base! APFA is pleased to report that the printed version of the JCBA is arriving at bases system wide. In accordance with Section 32, the company is responsible for the printing and distribution of the Contract. If you haven’t already received your copy, please check Read More
  • 3.27.15

    LUS - Following continuous disappointment and subsequent discussions resulting in no immediate improvements with the Electronic Trade Board (ETB), APFA President Laura Glading sent a letter to the company this week requesting that the company "abandon the 'in-house' ETB system currently in place and reinstate FLICA (Flightline) ETB until such time Read More
  • 3.26.15b

    LAA - The CLA’s 30 in 7 limitation will be eliminated on May 2nd, 2015, when the domestic and international operations are combined.The JNC and the APFA Scheduling Department have been in discussions with the Company, pushing for the implementation of the JCBA’s 30/35 in 7 limitations to be concurrent with Read More
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Member Resources

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