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  • 4.24.15c

    LAA / LUS - JCBA May 2, 2015 Changes Purser/Lead/Aft/Galley pay increases (Section 3.C.) Purser/Lead/Aft/Galley paid at greater of scheduled or actualRates are shown per hour. All Purser positions require a Purser qualification.*3-class Transcon only (if non-qualified Purser, premium rate is $3.75/hr)**One (1) Galley position per class of service, i.e. (three (3) Read More
  • 4.24.15b

    LAA - MIC Procedures - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Due to cancellations as a result of inclement weather or volcanic ash for example, it’s important to be familiar with the current Misconnect / Illegality / Cancellation (MIC) procedures. Flight Attendants will be protected for the original line guarantee or adjusted guarantee if the contractual language is followed. Read More
  • 4.24.14

    LAA Combined Operation Update Effective May 2, 2015, Section 3.C of the JCBA will be implemented, eliminating the need for a purser qualification except for on International IPD flights and Domestic 3-class Transcon flights. All other #1 positions will be considered lead and will not require any additional qualification. The Read More
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