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The APFA PAC plays a very important role in getting our voice heard!
Representatives and Senators must be kept informed if they are to get involved at any point. By attending campaign fundraising events, APFA has an opportunity to speak directly to members of Congress, not just to their staff, in order to explain APFA's position on important issues. Following are some questions that Flight Attendants frequently ask about our PAC:

Q: What is a PAC?
A: Short for Political Action Committee, a PAC is essentially a separate bank account to collect money that can be contributed to election and re-election campaigns. The amount that can be contributed to each campaign is strictly regulated by law and the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Q: Why is it important for Flight Attendants to contribute to the APFA PAC?
A: Corporations and their executives have the ability to give large amounts to candidates in elections. You can bet that companies giving high-dollar contributions can meet with members of Congress anytime they have an issue of concern. Most of us don’t have the money, individually, to donate the way a large corporation can. But by joining together, it can add up to a voice that will be heard at election time.

Q: Are Union dues ever used contribute to a candidate?
A: No. Dues are never used to contribute to any candidate. Only voluntary contributions donated to the APFA PAC are used.

Q: How does PAC give APFA a stronger voice in Washington?
A: APFA representatives can attend fundraising events using PAC dollars. At these events, APFA has an equal opportunity to talk with candidates and members of Congress, alerting them to APFA’s concerns. The larger the PAC, the more direct contact APFA can have with Congress. The APFA PAC gives Flight Attendants a voice - a bigger PAC gives Flight Attendants a stronger voice. APFA has faced and will continue to face many issues that will require a stronger presence in Washington, D.C. Your donations to PAC will help to ensure APFA has the access to make this happen.

Q: How do you determine which candidates will receive PAC contributions?
A: The decisions for PAC contributions are made based on issues that affect American Airlines Flight Attendants. Our focus is the workplace. For example, members of Congress who have supported our efforts to pass and extend the Payroll Support Program are members would like to help re-elect to Congress.

Q: How can Flight Attendants contribute to PAC?
A: The easiest way to begin a contribution is on the APFA website. You can also change your contribution amount at any time using the same form.

Q: How much should I to contribute?
A: There is no minimum amount. By contributing as little as $1 per paycheck, you can help support APFA’s efforts to obtain congressional support. As a 24,000-member strong organization, just $1 adds up quickly and bolsters our collective strength on Capitol Hill. The PAC depends on your contribution.

Don’t forget to “PAC” before your next trip!

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