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9.29.00 – (LAA) – Negotiations,United FA’s Demanding Raises, American Eagle Orders More Jets, Taipei, Paris, EEOC

This is Laura Glading, Northeast Division Representative and member of the APFA Negotiating Committee, and this is the Negotiations Hotline for Friday, September 29th.

American Airlines presented APFA with a counter-proposal on Tuesday of this week, in response to our comprehensive proposal of September 14th. APFA responded with another proposal to the Company on Wednesday. By the time negotiations had concluded for the week, a lot of paper had gone back and forth across the table, but no agreements had been signed-off on any of the remaining open items.

The APFA Board of Directors will meet in D/FW tomorrow to be briefed on the status of negotiations by APFA President John Ward.

Beginning next week, negotiations will move to Chicago. Topics scheduled for discussion include Reserve and other scheduling items.

Thank you for your continued support. Please stay on the line for the rest of this week’s Hotline.


APFA Hotline for September 29, 2000

This is Leslie Mayo, APFA National Communications Coordinator with more Hotline News for the week ending September 29, 2000.

United Airline’s Flight Attendants are demanding raises similar to the level of those contained in their pilot’s new contract and United has agreed to reopen discussions, even though their current contract doesn’t expire ’til 2006. The Flight Attendants told their Company that they will do everything they can to halt the United/ US Air merge from succeeding if they do not see significant progress. In a statement by Linda Farrow, president of the United F/A’s Master Executive Council, she said “United must change its position and actively work to address the issues of concern to the Flight Attendants, or there will be no operational merger”. Farrow went on to say, “We are unwilling to continue to take second place when the company is willing to ensure that other employees are at the top of the industry”. United’s Machinists, 44,000 strong, AND the Customer Service Agents are also seeking raises. Jim Goodwin, United’s CEO told the Flight Attendants that he would rescind discipline that was issued in the summer months during the time the pilots were refusing to fly overtime, and he also agreed to put an end to scheduling violations and even compensate those who flew during especially difficult times. Sounds like Jim Goodwin is actually taking his Flight Attendants seriously. Wow, what would that be like?

American Eagle announced an order for 98 more 44-seat Regional Jets bringing its on-order total to 146, with an option to buy 48 more. This includes both the 37 and the 44 seat ERJs. Eagle is also anticipating delivery of the first of 25 70-seat RJs next August with an option to buy 25 more. This will bring their combined fleet to a total of 270 jet and turboprop aircraft serving 140 cities with 1,700 flights daily. American Airline’s and American Eagle’s pilots agree that this order could further complicate the already strained relationship between both of the Unions and American Airlines. The pilots voted down their most recent T/A in hopes of following United’s recent progress.

American announced new service from San Jose to Taipei and Paris this week. Service will begin in April of 2001. AMR also announced that both AA and Eagle pled guilty to charges of improperly storing hazardous waste. They are on probation for the next three years and must report regularly to a probation officer, the US District Court and an independent counselor.

The EEOC has filed discrimination charges against American for asking improper medical questions during an interview with a potential ramper and cabin cleaner. The EEOC maintains that this person is covered under the “Americans with Disabilities” act which forbids employers to inquire about the disability of a prospective employee. Katherine Bissell, the NY Attorney for the EEOC said in a statement that “job applicants have the right to be judged on their ability to do the work, and not on prejudice based on their mental or physical disabilities”.

Alitalia is in talks with American and Swissair following the collapsed talks with British Air. A company source reported that “Alitalia’s aim is to link up with American Airlines, which after the collapse of talks with British Airways is looking for a European partner and which already has commercial agreements with Swissair.” Carty would neither confirm or deny this potential alliance.

In other news, United’s baggage handlers at Denver International Airport went on strike. Managers operated the system on Tuesday after the employees walked out and this reportedly created little or no effect on passengers. They are striking over work conditions, wages and benefits. The City of Denver forced the picketers to a far-off parking lot to minimize the effects of a strike, but the Union may go to court to be allowed to picket closer to the airport.

That’s all for this week. Remember to show your Unity by removing all company pins and wearing only your Union Pin, required wings and nametag. Display your bag tag properly with the “10,9,8…” insert showing and tell your fellow Flight Attendants to do the same. Our strength is in our numbers and we will succeed if we remain unified and resolved in our efforts.

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