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10.06.00 – (LAA) – Negotiations, National Presidential Election, APA, United Pilot’s Contract,Delta’s Rampers, TWU, Delta Airlines

This is Peter Day, member of the APFA Negotiating Committee , with the Negotiations Hotline for Friday, October 6th.

Negotiations took place in Chicago this week, with three full days of talks between the APFA and the Company under the guidance of Federal Mediator Linda Puchala. The main focus this week was on Article 10, Reserve, and APFA feels the talks were productive. On another positive note, agreement was reached on Article 4 (Expenses).

Unfortunately, that’s it for the good news. Now for the bad news. We mentioned in last Friday’s HotLine, that the Company presented APFA with a comprehensive counter proposal on September 26th. Although the Company continues to claim it looks forward to reaching an Agreement with the APFA, you’d never know it based on their proposal.

For instance, their proposal contains lower pay increases than those which were contained in the failed T/A (11.5% over five years versus 15% in the T/A). No longevity pay. No 401k contributions. No 757 Galley Pay. No Holiday Pay. No improvements in staffing. And prefunding of retiree health care benefits. Additionally, in the area of retirement, the Company has taken a giant step backward from what was achieved in the failed T/A.

Formal negotiations are scheduled to resume in Chicago the week of October 23rd, however, the parties will meet next week at American Airlines Headquarters in Fort Worth for a Company presentation on crew rest.

Thank you for your continued support. Please stay on the line for the rest of this week’s HotLine.


This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with more APFA HotLine News for the week ending October 6, 2000.

The Presidential Election is right around the corner and APFA wants you to know that APFA endorses the Gore/Lieberman ticket. Please check on your local APFA Bulletin Board or the APFA Web Site for more information on this as well as how to sign up for an absentee ballot. The deadline for most states is the week of October 9th.

We’d like to welcome New Hire class 2000-26 which graduated on October 4th. 56 Flight Attendants reported to five different bases: five to Boston, five to DC, 20 to DFW, ten to La Guardia and 16 to Chicago.

From the Safety Department: Please be sure you arrive at EPT’s with your manual up-to-date. At EPT’s, only the most recent bulletin will be available, and only if it was issued within the last fifteen days. Flight Attendants are reporting being sent home if their manuals are not current.

From the Hotel Department: Don’t forget to look in the center section of Skyword for the New York survey tear-out card. You can drop this in any APFA lockbox or in the US Mail. We look forward to hearing your opinion on where YOU want to stay in New York.

AA’s Pilots will likely appeal to the Supreme Court to reverse a judge’s order to pay American more than $45 million dollars levied last year. This fine was imposed by Judge Kendall against the alleged job action in February of ’99.

United’s 25,000 Flight Attendants who are members of AFA, set a deadline of November 4th for a new wage agreement. This would be 6 years ahead of their current contract’s expiration date. The Union, according to AFA United president Linda Farrow, asked for 5 percent ABOVE top of the industry wages and United’s cooperation is NOT out of the goodness of their heart. They know that if they don’t play fair with their employee workgroups, the Union can prevent an “operational merger” from taking place by refusing to approve a merged contract combining United and US Airways’ Flight Attendants. This request comes on the heels of an industry leading T/A attained by United’s pilots.

United’s proposed pilot contract allows the airline to increase the number of Regional Jets in its fleet from 65 to 150. This number could elevate if United Airline’s fleet grows beyond 451 narrow-body and 141 wide-body jets. All of that just for a potential 50% raise? H

Delta’s rampers rejected TWU’s advances by returning only 18.8 percent of 9,900 ballots sent out, over 30% short of the required minimum. Delta remains the least unionized airline in the US with only two workgroups (including their pilots) who are organized.

Business Week reports speculation that Delta Air Lines may receive a $7.5 billion dollar bid from an unknown investor. They cited unnamed sources who say that this “buyout group” have been negotiating with quote “a couple of banks” for financial backing.

American Airlines ordered six new jets: 2 triple 7s and 4 737-800s. This order is estimated at $390 million dollars and AA expects delivery in approximately two years. Looks like AA is doing pretty well financially.

Don’t forget it’s Pins, Nametag and Wings ONLY. Take off those company pins and show AA your Unity and how you feel about this round of Negotiations. See you on November 18th! Thanks for calling the APFA Hotline.

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