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11.03.00 – (LAA) – Negotiations, National Presidential Elections, Informatioinal Picketing, Delta Pilots Refusing to Fly Extra Trips, United FA’s Demonstrations

This is APFA President John Ward , with a negotiations update for Friday, November 3rd.

This week, the APFA and American Airlines Negotiating Teams traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with Federal Mediator Linda Puchala and members and staff of the National Mediation Board. The two teams met separately with the NMB on Tuesday. During our Team’s meeting with the NMB, we provided them with a clear understanding of what has transpired in negotiations and of the Company’s refusal to provide the contract our members need and deserve. We also assured the NMB that the informational picketing that we intend to engage in on November 18th will be consistent with all legal requirements, and is intended to inform the employees and the public of the current state of negotiations and of our desire to promptly obtain a fair and reasonable agreement. The teams then traveled to Chicago Tuesday evening in order to resume bargaining Wednesday.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of our team and the assistance of the mediators, no progress was made in the area of economics. Therefore, by Thursday afternoon, the mediators recessed the parties, with talks tentatively set to resume during the week of November 13th. During this recess, our team will be working to prepare for the next round of bargaining sessions and for future planned membership actions.

As we negotiate the economic pieces of the contract, please be aware that we would not be surprised if management attempted to circumvent the Negotiating Team by trying to bargain directly with you, the APFA Membership. This could come in the form of a “Dear Flight Attendant” letter from Upper Management or through “briefings” or “informal discussions” with Service Managers or you may find a message in your e-mail when reporting to work. Don’t fall victim to this. The Company played this card in 1993; it didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Remember that the APFA negotiates for you; the Company is legally required to negotiate exclusively with the Union. Our objective remains what it always has been: we are committed to negotiating the absolute best contract possible! With your continued support, we will be successful.


Hello, this is Leslie Mayo, APFA National Communications Coordinator, with more HotLine news for the week ending November 3, 2000.

The Presidential Election is Tuesday, November 7th and APFA wants to remind you to VOTE! We also want to inform you that the APFA Leadership endorses the Gore/Lieberman ticket. Purely from a labor perspective, he is the only choice. One excellent reason to vote for Gore is that Continental’s ex-CEO Frank Lorenzo is a staunch supporter of Bush. Please check your local APFA Bulletin Board or the Web Site at for more information on APFA’s position.

November 18th is fast approaching, and plans for our system-wide informational picketing are set. The APFA will conduct Informational Picketing at all base cities and numerous commuter cities on Saturday, November 18th from 1100 to 1500 local time. We will be in full uniform, info-picketing in the following cities: BUF, MCO, PHL, PIT, ROC, ATL, BNA, HOU, MCI, MEM, MSP, SAT, DEN, PHX, PSP, SAN, LGA, JFK, EWR, SNA, LAX, SJC, SFO, OAK, DFW, DAL, SEA, ORD, MIA, BOS, DCA, and RDU. Look forward to Post Picketing Parties in ALL base cities. Also, be checking your home mailboxes for a negotiations update from President John Ward. Please note, Picket in uniform, Party in civilian clothes. This is an opportunity for you to get involved and show your support. Remember, this is not strike picketing; but a show of solidarity to the company of our strong resolve for an industry leading contract.

As a reminder, the Railway Labor Act does not permit strikes or other “self help” activities during the time that the Union and the Company are engaged in negotiations and mediation for a new collective bargaining agreement until the bargaining processes of the Railway Labor Act have been exhausted. This does not mean that the Union and the Flight Attendants are prohibited from engaging in any activity of any kind while negotiations are proceeding. One type of activity that is permitted at this time is informational picketing, such as that which is planned for November 18.

Any Union sanctioned activity will be in full compliance with legal requirements. The Union does not support or sanction any unlawful self help activities. It is vitally important that Flight Attendants only engage in activities that have been authorized by the Union. The consequences of engaging in unlawful self help activities can be extremely serious.

Your Fall Skyword should be at your home shortly. In the center section, you will find six postcards addressed to six of the twelve AMR Board of Directors. It is very important that all Flight Attendants mail these cards immediately: show Mr. Carty’s bosses that we are not happy with the direction this airline is heading.

We are developing the phone trees for all bases. Please send your phone number to APFA by clipping the change of information card in the center of Skyword, clicking on the APFA Web site at, calling the APFA membership department at ext. 8153, or e-mailing them at It is very important that we have current phone numbers of all Flight Attendants to get information to you quickly.

APA’s President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer resigned this week. Rich LaVoy, Brian Mayhew and Bob Morgan will be replaced by interim officers on Monday at a Board Meeting.

In industry news: Delta Airlines has some angry pilots who are refusing to fly extra trips. They are incensed over the proposal by the company linking Delta’s profits to their pay. The pilot’s refusal to fly overtime this summer brought United to its knees.

United’s Flight Attendants created CHAOS at 16 airports around the world last week, demonstrating their demands for a pay raise equal to the new industry benchmark set by UA pilots.

Flight Attendants from a Venezuelan carrier were caught carrying heroin into the US in their underwear. 17 people were arrested in Miami, eight of whom were in the US at the time. The smuggling ring brought to the States anywhere from 33 to 44 pounds of heroin a month as well as cocaine.

That’s it for this week. Please remember it’s pins, wings and nametags only. Thanks for calling the APFA HotLine.

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