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2.16.01 – (LAA) – Strike Authorization Ballots Will Be Counted, American Appoints Jeffrey Brundage as New Vice President for Employee Relations, Federal Court Orders Delta Pilots to Stop Their No Overtime Campaign, Northwest’s Mechanics, Cleaners

Special Hotline Update Wednesday, February 16, 2001

APFA HotLine for February 16, 2001

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with more APFA HotLine news for the week ending February 16, 2001.

The strike authorization ballots will be counted beginning Wednesday morning and probably run well into the evening judging by the amount of Post Office trays the returned ballots have already filled. REMEMBER: the deadline for receipt of your ballot is February 21st at 9:00 a.m. As a reminder, Monday, February 19 is a national holiday and there will be no mail service on that day.

American has appointed Jeffrey Brundage as the new Vice President for Employee Relations. Formerly AA’s Managing Director of Employee Relations, Mr. Brundage served as the primary liaison between American and the Allied Pilots Association (APA). Prior to that he worked for ALPA (the Air Line Pilots Association).

At a transportation conference in Florida this week, the Chief Financial Officer of United stated: “as our labor costs have increased, so ultimately will the labor costs increase at the other high-cost carriers.” He chalked this up to the sharp increase in labor costs of United’s pilots last year and reiterated that all other airlines will follow suit. He explained that revenues will match the rising cost of labor at the big U.S. airlines.

A federal court ordered Delta pilots to stop their “no-overtime” campaign. A message on ALPA’s web site ordered pilots to cease any unlawful activity, including harassment of pilots who request high time flying, and that any “violation of this injunction will subject you to serious penalties, which may include ALPA discipline, employer discipline, and/or penalties for contempt of court.” Delta was forced to cancel thousands of flights during the past few months due to its pilots refusal to fly overtime.

In the meantime, Delta’s pilots overwhelmingly authorized a strike if talks fail. 99% of their pilots returned ballots and 97% of them were marked YES. They will negotiate until February 28th and if no agreement is reached, they will ask the NMB to release them into a 30-day cooling off period. If they are released, Delta’s pilots could strike as early as April 1st.

Speaking of Delta, the rumored merger with Continental may “have to happen” says Continental’s CEO Gordon Bethune, “if the government lets United and AA get together and run half the country. At this point, he says they’ll have to do something, and continues “it ain’t going to be nothing.”

Northwest’s mechanics, cleaners and custodians asked the company to return to the table to continue bargaining, however, Northwest won’t comply unless forced to by the NMB. They are about $2B apart on an agreement.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to your Union web site at for up-to-date information on the Strike Ballot Count Wednesday, February 21st. APFA Headquarters will be closed on Monday in honor of President’s Day. Remember, to wear only your Union Pin, Nametag and Wings and turn your bagtag around to 4,3,2,1… and thank you for calling the APFA HotLine.

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