6.22.01 – (LAA) – Negotiating Team at Table with NMB and AA Negotiators

Thursday, June 28, 2001

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with an updated HotLine for Thursday, June 28th, 2001.

It is approximately 6:45 on the East coast. The Negotiating Team is still at the table in Washington, D.C., with the National Mediation Board and American Airlines’ Negotiators.

Talks are ongoing. At this time, our Team is awaiting response from American Airlines Team regarding a compensation proposal. We will update this HotLine as events warrant.

Please stay on the line.


APFA HotLine Update
June 22, 2001 1640CDT

Hello, today is Friday, June 22, 2001. It is now 1640 Central Time. This is Patrick Hancock, National Strike Coordinator, with an APFA Hotline Update.

The talks are continuing between the APFA and American Airlines at the National Mediation Board in Washington, D.C. at this hour. No agreement has been reached, however the APFA remains cautiously optimistic that an agreement can be reached without third party intervention. No specific details of the discussions have been released.

Anything you may hear at this point is pure speculation and rumor. When something definitive becomes available, we will put it on the APFA web site, this hotline, the InfoRep HotLine, and make it available through PhoneWatch. The APFA Negotiating Team greatly appreciates the overwhelming support of our membership. If no agreement is reached this week, the APFA will begin the numerous membership actions planned for the week of June 25th. All activities will be listed on the Membership Action Page on the APFA web site and the APFA HotLine. Please keep your calendar clear just in case. All members are expected to do their part by participating in these membership actions.

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