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8.31.01 – (LAA) – Negotiating Team Wraps Up TA Presentations, TA Phone Watch Ends, TA Ballots

August 31, 2001

This is Leslie Mayo, APFA National Communications Coordinator, with HotLine news for the week ending August 31, 2001.

The Negotiating Team has wrapped up a four-week engagement traveling to each of the American Airlines base cities to present the Tentative Agreement to you, the membership. They were also available to answer any questions you had regarding the new T.A. PhoneWatch has ceased operation as of today handling an operation that accepted nearly all of the negotiations questions coming into Headquarters. Your APFA Leadership would like to, once again, thank George Berry who set up PhoneWatch, and all of the volunteers who helped make PhoneWatch as successful as it was. Each of these volunteers’ names is listed in your latest issue of Skyword so if you happen to fly with one of them, please let them know that their assistance is appreciated.

Remember that ballots will be counted on September 12, 2001 so please be sure your ballot is in the mail no later than September 4th. This will ensure your vote is counted. Results of the election will be announced as soon as they are certified by the National Balloting Committee on both this HotLine and the APFA web site at Please remember the ballot count can be a time-consuming process so you can probably expect results to be announced no earlier than the morning of September 13th.

If you have not yet received your ballot, please call APFA Headquarters immediately, extension 8311 to request a duplicate. Don’t forget to leave a message including your name, base, employee number and correct mailing address and a duplicate ballot will be sent to you. All ballots must be received by the US Post Office and not via Board Mail or an APFA lockbox. It is recommended that you use a number two pencil to mark your ballot, however, ink is acceptable. Pencil will speed up the process immensely. If the ballot counting machine is unable to electronically read your ballot, it will be hand counted.

You must be dues current for your vote to count. In order to be dues current, you must already be on a payment plan with APFA to pay back dues, or pay your dues-in-full by September 7th. If you are in dues arrears, please call the Dues Department at extension 8151 to make payment arrangements.

Reports from the field indicate that there are liquor audits occurring on both the International and Domestic operations. Please remember to follow all procedures for liquor and headset sales. Be sure all money is placed in the appropriate envelope and all comp’d headsets and liquor are properly recorded.

As we mentioned last week, American Airlines sent a letter to all members’ homes alerting them of AA’s intention to cease provision of a paper copy of your paycheck stub. The letter went on to say that if you wish to continue receiving a paper paycheck stub, you would need to fax your request by August 24, 2001. The August deadline was applicable to only the September 15th pay period. In other words, if you want to continue receiving your paper paycheck stub, you may submit a fax or written letter at anytime, and your paper pay stub will be restored for future pay periods. The address to send your request is:

TULSA, OK 74133

Or you can fax them to one of three numbers; 918.254.3435, 918.254.7439 or 918.254.3535. Be sure to include your full name, employee number and request to continue receiving a paper paycheck in your letter or fax. The 15th paper check deadline has already been cut off. In the meantime, you can obtain your pay check stubs on

In other news, APA has rejected American Airlines’ latest offer involving Baseball Arbitration. Basically, American has requested that APA join them in a fast-track style of bargaining where only a few items are addressed in negotiations. It also removes the pilots’ right to strike.

Delta’s Flight Attendants are facing a representation election by the AFA as soon as the mediation board calls for one. Union organizers at Delta pushed nine carts full of petitions from thousands of Delta’s Flight Attendants to a park in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, August 29th. Signatures from 35 percent of all Flight Attendants at Delta are required to cause an election. Once the representation election is called by the NMB, 50 percent plus one of all F/As who vote is needed in order to unionize. Delta is the only major airline whose Flight Attendants are not unionized. Delta has hired union-busting lawyers and is paying a fortune in their efforts to fend off this organization.

Your APFA leadership would like to wish all Flight Attendants a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. We would also like to thank you for your incredible support during this round of bargaining. APFA is truly a force to be reckoned with, and thanks to the strength you provided; we proved that at the bargaining table. Remember to wear your Union pin proudly. Thank you for calling the APFA HotLine.

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