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10.05.01 – (LAA) – Senate Bill 1479, House Bill 2989, Contract Implementation Schedule, APFA Phone Watch De-Activated, WINGS Flag Run

This is Leslie Mayo, APFA National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline for Friday, October 5.

First, an update on Senate Bill 1479 and House Bill 2989. Both of these bills would mandate third-party arbitration as a means to resolve the seniority integration issues arising from the Company’s purchase of TWA something which the APFA is opposed to. Please continue to contact your Senators and Representatives today to inform them of your opposition to these proposed Bills. Please go to the APFA web site at for assistance on how to contact your Senators and Representatives. The APFA membership’s response to this issue has been overwhelming thus far but we must continue to make known our feelings on the issue until we know this threat to our seniority has been eliminated. It is still possible that Senator Bond may attempt to attach S.1479 to the aviation security bill. According to our latest information, the Senate plans a vote Tuesday on whether to bring the security bill to the floor. For this reason, and because Monday is a Federal Holiday, please contact your legislators this weekend by fax and e-mail. APFA will continue to stay on this issue, and as always, thank you for your support.

The Contract Implementation Schedule is now available on the APFA web site. For those of you without access to the web site, this information will also be placed in all flight attendant mailboxes in the near future. As a reminder, the new pay rates went into effect on October 1, and will be reflected in the October 15 paycheck. The new per diem (TAFB) rates went into effect with the contractual month of September and will be paid in the October 31 paycheck for September flying. In addition, the retro/lump sum monies will be paid in the October 31 paycheck.

Overage Leave Surveys were due today. The Company has informed APFA that it estimates as many as 3,000 surveys were returned. APFA will be meeting with the Company next week to further discuss the overage situation, and to what extent the overage leaves can mitigate the necessity for any additional flight attendant furloughs. We hope to have more information by Tuesday, and the Hotline will be updated when the information becomes available.

The APFA Phone Watch number has been de-activated for the time being. As you know, Phone Watch was reactivated on September 11, and has remained open every day since then to provide information and assistance to our members in the aftermath of the tragic events of that day. APFA extends its most sincere appreciation to IDF Flight Attendant George Berry for coordinating the entire Phone Watch Operation. In addition, we would like to thank the more than 100 volunteers who answered the thousands of calls from APFA members over the past 3 and a half weeks.

American and United will join together in a Flag Run along with military personnel to demonstrate their support for the victims’ families of September 11 – they will be carrying a US flag across the country. This flag was flown over Iraq in an F-16 on October 2 in support of Operation Southern Watch by airline pilots as part of the 93rd Fighter Squadron out of Florida. Proceeds from this fundraising event will benefit charities who are donating directly to the families who lost a loved one on September 11. The flag will leave Boston on October 11 with a goal of arriving in Los Angeles on Veteran’s Day – November 11, 2001. These cities represent the origination and destination of American Flight 11 and United Flight 175. Anyone wishing to sponsor or participate in this event can contact AAmericans United Flag Run at their web site –

That’s it for this week and thank you for calling the APFA HotLine.

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