10.10.01 – (LAA) – New Pay Rates Not Relected in 10/15 Pay Statements, AA and APFA Meet to Discuss Additional Furloughs, Aviations Security Bill, Displaced Workers Assistance Act, Contract Implementation Schedule

This is Leslie Mayo, APFA National Communications Coordinator, with a special hotline update. Today is Wednesday, October 10.

APFA is aware that the new pay rates are not reflected in the October 15 pay statements as was previously announced. APFA and the Company are not in disagreement that these new pay rates were to be effective October 1. The October 15 paycheck was to have reflected these new rates for the period from October 1 – October 15. APFA has been working with the Company to remedy this situation and we will keep you updated as to the status of the situation. Please stay on the line for the regular message. Thank you for calling.


This is Leslie Mayo, APFA National Communications Coordinator, with the Hotline updated for Tuesday, October 9.

APFA was scheduled to meet with the Company today to discuss the possible need for additional furloughs. It was necessary for this meeting to be postponed as the Company is still working the numbers to determine how many overage leaves can be offered at each base. APFA is hopeful that our contractual provisions for the offering of overage leaves and partnership flying in lieu of layoff can mitigate the necessity for any additional furloughs. APFA and the Company have rescheduled today’s meeting for Thursday, October 11. This hotline will be updated as soon as additional information becomes available.

On the legislative front, the Senate was in session today and resumed consideration of S. 1447, otherwise known as the Aviation Security Bill. There is a possibility that the Displaced Workers Assistance Act may be attached as an amendment to the Security Bill. Please contact your Senators and Representatives in support of S.1454 and H.R.2955.

APFA continues to keep watch on the Bond bill, S. 1479. As you know, this bill and its companion House bill 2989 would mandate third-party arbitration to determine the seniority issues relating to American’s purchase of TWA. Feedback from key members of the Senate and House indicate little likelihood that this legislation will be going anywhere, although we encourage you to continue to call, fax, e-mail or write your Senators and Representative in opposition to any such unwarranted, unwanted, and unnecessary government intervention into the collective bargaining process. More information about this can be found on the web site at www.www.apfa.org .

Information regarding the contract implementation schedule has been posted on the APFA web site. In addition, a joint letter from Sue Oliver, Senior V.P. of Human Resources and APFA President John Ward was placed in flight attendant mail folders on this subject. APFA is committed to ensuring all the provisions of the new contract are implemented as quickly as possible.

This hotline will be updated on Friday, October 12 or earlier if events warrant. Thank you for calling.

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