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10.26.01 – (LAA) – Retro/Lump Sum Statements, HR 3110, Aviation Security Bill, Airline Workers Fairness Act, Flagrun Passing through Dallas

As APFA previously mentioned on this HotLine, we requested that the Company provide the Flight Attendants with a breakdown of the October 31st paychecks which include your retro/lump sum monies. The Company has published this breakdown on their web site at

Please stay on the line for the regular hotline.

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA HotLine. Today is Friday, October 26, 2001.

The October 31st paychecks that include the retro/lump sum monies are now available for viewing online at ePays. APFA is aware that these paycheck receipts are generating questions in the field as to how the retro/lump sum monies were reached. APFA has requested that the company offer flight attendants an explanation of how they arrived at the retro/lump sum amounts reflected on your statements. If you believe there is a discrepancy in your paycheck, please call your Service Manager or Pay Comp for assistance.

APFA is opposed to the manner in which the Company has chosen to administer Article 16, Overage Leaves and Appendix F, Partnership Flying, by misapplying the language contained in these contractual provisions. This has caused some overage leaves and partnership flying to be improperly denied. APFA believes that if the Company had complied with the terms of Article 16 and Appendix F, including, among other things, the offering of 90-day leaves and the allowance of those currently on a Leave to convert to an Overage Leave, it could have otherwise reduced or eliminated the furlough of flight attendants. APFA has filed two Presidential Grievances relating to Article 16 and Appendix F. We are pursuing an immediate resolution to these issues and we will take whatever actions are deemed legal and appropriate in order to rectify the situation.

In Washington, the Aviation Security Bill passed the Senate weeks ago, however, as you probably know, the House version has been halted by the Republicans. They are insisting that their version of the bill (HR 3150) exclude a provision for the federalization of airport security screeners. It is scheduled to come to the floor on Wednesday, October 31st. APFA does not support this Bill as it not only excludes the federalization of screeners but it does not require that all checked bags be screened and it does not contain explicit language on how safety and security measures will be implemented other than to put it in the hands of the newly-created position “Under Secretary of Security”.

HR 3110 has been introduced in Committee by the Ranking Minority, James Oberstar, D. from Minnesota as a replacement Bill to HR 3150. The Democrats’ version of the Bill includes the federalization of security screeners as well as far more explicit language outlining security requirements such as the “Screening of all persons, vehicles and other equipment entering secure areas,” as well as the requirement of “Catering and other companies with access to secured areas to develop security programs.”

To confuse you even more, there is yet a third Bill proposed by Representative Ganske (HR 3165) that has the moderate Republicans’ endorsements as well as the support of most Democrats. This Bill is identical to the Aviation Security Bill passed unanimously by the Senate. It requires the federalizing of screeners, screening of all checked bags, air marshals and secure cockpits.

APFA encourages all members to contact your representatives and the House Transportation Committee where these Bills now stand, and make your voice heard. APFA wholly endorses the passing of HR 3110 or HR 3165. APFA does not, however, endorse HR 3150.

The Bond and Emerson Bills remain in committee. The so-called “Airline Workers Fairness Act” has not yet reached the floor of either the Senate or the House. Although there remains the possibility that Senator Bond may attach his bill to other legislation, there is nothing definitive to report. Please stick closely to this HotLine as the possibility this Bill being attached to another piece of legislation could happen at a moment’s notice. The APFA encourages all members to continue your communications with your representatives in Congress and those on the various committees the Bills are in. The list of members on both committees is on the APFA web site under “TWA Integration.” Due to the Anthrax threat, mail delivery to Congress has slowed significantly. APFA suggests that you call in or fax your comments.

In other news, please ensure that you are only cleaning the aircraft cabin on flights that are covered under the “C” Bill of Work. Our brothers and sisters at TWU have also suffered a reduction in force and it would not be beneficial to them if flight attendants were performing duties that are outlined and specific under TWU’s collective bargaining agreement.

The Flagrun will be passing through Dallas on Saturday, October 27th. Please go to their web site at for more details.

That’s it for this week. Thank you for calling the APFA HotLine.

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