12.10.01 – (LAA) – AA-TWA LLC Seniority Integration Amendment Added to the Defense Appropriations Bill

Hello. Today is Monday, December 10, 2001. This is George Price, APFA InfoRep Coordinator with a Hotline Update.

As previously reported on this hotline, Missouri Senator Kit Bond succeeded in attaching his amendment calling for arbitrating the AA- TWA LLC seniority integration to the 2002 Defense Appropriations bill. Due to the fact the Senate and House versions of this bill differ, a Conference Committee comprised of select members of both Houses of Congress will convene this week to reconcile the bills. The APFA needs your help now in order to have Senator Bond’s amendment (Senate Amendment 2354) excluded from the Defense Appropriations Bill (H.R. 3338).

The Defense Appropriations Conference Committee will be meeting this week. For that reason, it is imperative that APFA members immediately convey their opposition to Senator Bond’s Amendment to all of the Committee Members. A complete list of the Conferees and their contact information along with a sample letter, suggested talking points, and the letter sent to all Conferees by APFA President John Ward can be found on the APFA web site under “AA-TWA Seniority Integration.” When contacting the members of the Conference Committee, you should stick very closely to the overall message contained in the sample letter and talking points and remain professional at all times.

The APFA has spent a great deal of time and resources dealing with the issue of the TWA acquisition. We are close to reaching agreement with American Airlines on a fair integration plan for both the TWA and American Airlines Flight Attendants. We do not now, nor have we ever felt this is an issue to be decided by a third party. With your help, we hope to make Congress understand this. However, it will take a concerted effort on the part of all APFA members to make this happen.

APFA members along with members of the Allied Pilots Association are in Washington, D.C. meeting with key Members of Congress in order to voice opposition to Senator Bond’s Amendment. As they continue to work on the Hill, please do your part by calling and/or faxing the members of the Defense Appropriations Conference Committee today. Help the APFA stop this unwarranted attack on our seniority.

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