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5.10.02 – (LAA) – Unity March at AMR Stockholders Meeting

Hello. This is George Price, APFA National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA HotLine for Friday, May 10, 2002.

On Wednesday, May 15th, the APFA will join AFA representing American Eagle Flight Attendants, APA representing American Airlines Pilots, ALPA representing American Eagle Pilots, and representatives of the Communications Workers of America in a Unity March at the AMR Stockholders Meeting being held at the American Airlines Learning Center. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate to AMR Executives that Unions on property at AMR are unified and will not be divided no matter what the issue. Parking for the Unity March will be provided at the ALPA offices at 1001 West Euless Blvd in Euless, Texas. Shuttle buses will run from 0630 until 1130. If you are an AMR Stockholder, please be sure to bring your proxy. This will provide you access into the meeting, and, in most cases, access to the Learning Center Parking Lot. Picketing will begin at 0730 and signs will be provided. Come out and join your Union Brothers and Sisters at AMR in a show of Solidarity!

Makeup over the monthly max, which was to be implemented on May 8th, was delayed by American due to computer programming glitches. The company has informed us that the implementation of this new provision of our contract is now scheduled for May 15th.

Due to the fact American does not provide APFA with the flight attendant’s address, phone number, or e-mail address, it is up to the individual Flight Attendant to update this information with the APFA Membership Department. An APFA information packet was mailed to all STL and ISL Flight Attendants by American Airlines last Thursday. This packet contained a Membership Application/Dues Checkoff Authorization Card. In order to become a member in good standing, a Flight Attendant must become a member of the APFA and be dues current. They must be a “member in good standing” in order to vote in union elections and access the APFA Web site. If you do not receive your packet by Wednesday, May 15, 2002, please contact the APFA Membership Department.

The APFA Merger and Acquisition Committee has been holding ongoing discussions with American Airlines management regarding transition issues affecting STL and ISL Flight Attendants. Among the issues being discussed are Crew Rest, jumpseats, staffing, and bidsheets. All provisions of the APFA/AAL Contract are now applicable to TWA-LLC Flight Attendants. APFA President John Ward along with members of the Merger and Acquisition Committee will continue to work to resolve any outstanding issue.

APFA Secretary Linda Lanning is now accepting resume for the positions of APFA Base Chair and Vice Chair for the bases of STL and ISL. If you are interested in being appointed as an interim base representative, please send your resume to APFA Secretary Linda Lanning, 1004 West Euless, Blvd., Euless, Texas 76040. The APFA Executive Committee will appoint interim representatives until an election can be held

U.S Representative Peter DeFazio and Sherwood Boehlert have authored a letter to FAA Administrator Jane Garvey asking that she rescind the FAA’s jurisdiction over the health and safety of aviation crewmembers. This would allow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to claim jurisdiction so they can begin providing Flight Attendants with necessary safety and health protections. APFA President John Ward has sent a letter to all Members of Congress on behalf of the entire membership asking them to join Representatives DeFazio and Boehlert in requesting the FAA rescind its jurisdiction. It is important that all APFA members contact their Representatives in Congress and urge them to sign onto this letter. You can find your Representative’s name and contact information on the APFA Web site under the “Write to Congress” link. Due to the mail delivery problems in Washington, it is best to contact your Member of Congress by phone, fax, or e-mail. The following Members of Congress have already signed the letter to Administrator Garvey: Peter DeFazio, Sherwood Boehlert, Rush Holt, Tom Lantos, Gregory Meek, Stephen Lynch, Barney Frank, and Frank LoBiondo. Flight Attendants are among the only transportation workers that do not have some OSHA-type coverage. Despite repeated requests from Flight Attendants and unions for over 26 years, the FAA has declined to provide health and safety protections for Flight Attendants. It is time to change this.

On May 4th, APFA President John Ward, BOS Chair Julia Carrigan, and DCA Chair Robert Valenta attended the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations Annual Convention in Stavanger, Norway. They accepted the “Polaris Award” on behalf of the Flight Attendants who died aboard Flights 11 and 77. The Polaris Award is IFALPA’s highest honor.

Attention IDF Flight Attendants. The 85-Hour Exception ballot has been tabulated. They are as follows:

ZRH 263 Yes – 181 No
GRU 264 Yes – 181 No
FRA 264 Yes – 180 No

These results will ensure that selections for these trips will remain pure. In order to remain pure, they may be built over 85 credit hours.

It was reported in Issue 3 of Skyword, that all retirement questions should be directed to the APFA Contract Desk. The APFA Retirement Specialist Jill Franks will be assisting the Contract Desk with these calls throughout the month of May. You may direct retirement questions to her at APFA Headquarters extension 8397.

APFA continues to receive inquiries regarding the possible recall of furloughed Flight Attendants. Unfortunately, we have heard nothing from American regarding future recalls. When there is something official to report, we will update the hotlines and the web site. We have recently updated the information on the Furlough Page of the APFA Web site. This information will be updated as frequently as information becomes available. Until then, we urge everyone to avoid the rumor mill. Speculation only adds stress for those that remain on furlough.

That is it for this week’s hotline. Last but certainly not least, the APFA Officers and Representatives would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

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