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5.24.02 – (LAA) – Printed Contracts Soon to Be Delivered, Self-Defense Training, Crew Rest Provisions for TWA-LLC International Flying

Today is Friday, May 24, 2002. This is Linda Lanning, APFA Secretary, with the APFA HotLine.

We know how anxious you are to finally receive your copy of the new contract! The printing process is now complete and the Company will soon begin the process of distributing the new Agreement. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the new, more user-friendly format, including the helpful Question and Answer Supplement dealing with scheduling issues and the inclusion of applicable HI-DIR entries. The APFA wishes to thank APFA Negotiator Thelma Dodson for all her hard work in preparing the contract for print. Thelma was greatly assisted by IDF Flight Attendant Susie Thorley and JFK Vice Chair Kat Clements.

Once you have received your contract, please remember to carry it with you on every trip.

The APFA Safety Department sent a representative to Flagship University this week to observe the self-defense training entitled “American in Defense.” The program is broken down into two parts: The first portion deals with ways to defuse a situation using various psychological tactics and the second part deals with the physical self-defense techniques. Overall, the program is very informative and has some great information and skills to keep us safe in the new environment in which we work.

APFA President John Ward this week announced that APFA and American have reached agreement on crew rest provisions for TWA-LLC international flying. All 767-300 flights over eight hours in duration including flights to and from STL and Hawaii and to and from STL and London will now be provisioned with crew rest provisions that mirror those in effect for American Airlines flights of similar duration and destination. For flights to and from STL to destinations in Hawaii of 8 hours or more, there will be 4 first class seats blocked. For flights to and from LGW to STL, there will be 2 first class seats and 2 main cabin seats blocked. The main cabin seats will be in the first row of main cabin on the right hand side. The APFA will continue to work with American to resolve other transition issues.

The APFA has asked all members to contact their Members of Congress to ask them to sign on to the letter sponsored by Representatives Peter DeFazio and Sherwood Boehlert asking that the FAA rescind its jurisdiction over crewmember’s health and safety issues. The response has been very good. There have been questions as to exactly what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would do if they were given the same jurisdiction. Very simply, OSHA would require airlines to keep very detailed records or share records they must already keep for insurance. The access to this data will allow OSHA to monitor compliance with policies and procedures set forth by the Administration. OSHA also has very stringent standards with regards to the workplace environment. In our case, this includes such things as the handling of blood borne pathogens, noise abatements, and notification of hazardous materials. Flight Attendants are among the only transportation workers that do not have some form of OSHA coverage.

American this week received word from the DOT that it has been awarded route authority from DFW to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This award is for a two-year period. Flights between DFW and BA may begin as early as November 1.

APFA President John Ward this week attended the 11th Annual International Aviation Symposium in Phoenix. Each year, the Phoenix Symposium brings together leaders from both labor and management as well as airline analysts and the press for an informative three days of discussions.

APFA mourns the loss of two long-time Union Advocates Nancy Wozniak and Gail Grisby. Nancy was one of the original APFA organizers in the mid-1970s. She served the APFA in various positions including APFA Board Member and System Board Advocate. Nancy recently retired from American Airlines. Gail also served the APFA as a member of the APFA Board. Both Nancy and Gail will be missed.

The APFA Offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day. If you have an emergency, an Officer-on-Duty will be available.

That’s it for this week. Please visit the APFA Web site the latest APFA news.

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