9.12.03 – (LAA) – APFA, IBT, TWU Send Joint Statement Stating Opposition to Last Minute Changes to Language in the FAA Reauthorization Bill, Finalization of 777 Award Options

Hello. This is Liz Geiss, DFW InfoRep Captain, with the APFA Hotline for Friday, September 12th, 2003.

On Wednesday September 10th, the APFA, along with AFA, IBT-Airline Division, and TWU, Local 556, sent out a joint statement to the press stating our opposition to the last minute changes to the language in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. These changes would no longer mandate comprehensive security and anti-hijacking training for Flight Attendants. The airlines will continue to offer only the bare minimum until forced to change.

The FAA bill also had last minute changes that would allow the privatization of 69 air traffic control towers. The threat of private operators cutting corners by hiring inexperienced controllers is not in the best interest of the traveling public. Another last minute change would allow foreign air cargo carriers to service the U. S. domestic market. This could open the door for the policy to be extended to foreign passenger carriers, something APFA has objected to.

Please take a moment to contact your Senators and Representative in Congress and urge them to oppose the FAA Reauthorization Bill and send it back to conference to strengthen language for Flight Attendant security training, restrict privatization of the air traffic control system, and eliminate the language provisions of this bill. Contact information for each member of Congress can be found by clicking on the “Resource Center” icon on the opening of the APFA Web site and then “Government Affairs”. Members can also use Capwiz to send e-mails directly to their members of Congress.

The APFA is pleased to announce the finalization of the 777-award options. Personalized letters and Q&A’s relevant to this award will be sent next week to each eligible Flight Attendant covered under the terms of the award. This letter will contain the specific dollar amount for each F/A as well as the second option of vacation days as compensation. Flight Attendants may also access this information next week in Jetnet.

You will make your election through Jetnet, not via U.S. Mail, and your election must be made no later than October 6, 2003, at 8:00a.m. CDT. Details of how to access your personal options on Jetnet will be included in your 777-award letter.

If you do not make your election, your option will default to the monetary award. This is a one-time election option. There will be a voicemail extension set up at APFA Headquarters for those of you who have further questions not addressed in this HotLine or the Q&A. Please be sure your mailing address is updated in Jetnet.

The APFA continues to meet with the company on a weekly basis on issues associated with the Family Medical Leave (FML) Presidential Grievance Award. While progress has been made, there are still outstanding issues that need to be resolved. All administrative eligibility changes relating to required hours for FML qualification resolved as a result of this grievance will be retroactive to October 22, 2001. If you have been denied Family Leave or received discipline due to prior hourly-administrative ineligibility, you should save all medical documentation pertaining to those absences. Please do not forward any documentation to APFA or the Company at this time. APFA will advise you on this HotLine when and if this documentation is required and to whom it should be submitted.

Ballots for the Boston domestic OCR election were mailed on Wednesday, August 27, 2003. They are due back by 1000 Central Daylight Time on Friday, September 26, 2003.

From the Scheduling Department: Due to the weather in DFW this week, crew scheduling has notified APFA that steps 7, 8, and 9 of the order of open time are being utilized for DFW domestic. Also, international reserves that are legal and available to fly are being used to cover domestic trips at several bases. Remember that all international reserves at a base must be used to cover a domestic trip before Crew Schedule can begin issuing a second domestic trip to International Reserve Flight Attendants.

Flight Attendants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the order of open time language in Article 9.L, Pages 118-119, and Appendix I.9.L, Pages 481-482, of the contract. APFA will continue to meet with the Company on the status of manning, and update you through the Hotline and the web site. For more useful information on scheduling issues, please visit the Scheduling Page of the APFA Web site.

Attention all furloughed Flight Attendants! It is very important that you keep your address, phone number, and e-mail address updated with both the APFA and American. There are several ways to update your information with the APFA-send an e-mail to Membership@apfa.org; complete the Change of Address Card in the center section of Skyword; or call the Membership Department at 1-800-395-2732, extension 8153. To make these changes with American, contact the Manager of Flight Service Administration, American Airlines, Inc., MD 4293, P.O. Box 619616, DFW Airport, Texas 75261-9616, and also Employee Services at 1-800-447-2000.

Furloughed Flight Attendants in the DFW area should be aware that a career conference will be held on September 16, 2003, from 1000-1500 at the Ruthe Jackson Center located at 3113 S. Carrier Parkway in Grand Prairie, Texas. Organizers of this event encourage participants to bring their updated resumes. For more information on the conference, please visit the APFA Web site Calendar of Events and the Furlough Page.

In Industry News:

The Professional Flight Attendants Association (PFAA) has filed a lawsuit against Northwest Airlines aimed at forcing the airlines to collect union dues through payroll deductions. PFAA was recently certified by the DOL to represent Flight Attendants at Northwest. The airline has balked at payroll deduction of union dues, which prompted the union’s actions.

Southwest Airlines has filed for federal mediation in contract talks with Flight Attendants. Negotiations broke off last week after over 16 months. The 7,200 Flight Attendants of Southwest represented by the Transport Workers Union have been conducting informational picketing throughout the country.

For more industry news, please visit the “News and Events” page of the APFA Web site.

That is it for this edition of the APFA Hotline. Please visit the web site for the latest information and past editions of the APFA Hotline.

There are 6,150 American Airlines Flight Attendants currently on furlough. Thanks for calling.

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