10.09.03 – (LAA) – Letter of Agreement Signed Confirming that the Company will Recall 390 Flight Attendants, Overage Leaves, Letter of Agreement Signed Between the APFA and AA for 390 Furloughed FAs

This is John Ward, President of APFA, with a hotline message for Thursday, October 09.

The APFA and the Company have signed off on a Letter of Agreement confirming that the Company will recall 390 flight attendants, effective December 2. This recall is made possible due to the projected increase in flying the Company expects between now and next Spring.

As you may know, we currently have approximately 1,385 flight attendants out on Overage Leaves through June 2004. Although the Company has the contractual right to cancel these leaves due to manning requirements, it was felt by the Company that, for the number of additional flight attendants required at this time, recall was a better option. APFA agrees.

Although the future continues to be somewhat uncertain, this recall certainly represents a bit of good news when that’s in short supply these days. APFA is very pleased, as I know you are, to be welcoming back to the line these 390 members from furlough.

Please stay on the line for additional information regarding the recall. Thank you for calling.

This is George Price with an APFA Hotline Update for Thursday, October 9, 2003.

In accordance with a Letter of Agreement signed between the APFA and American, 390 furloughed Flight Attendants will be recalled effective December 2, 2003. A list of the employee numbers of those Flight Attendants to be recalled has been posted on the opening page of the APFA Web site.

Recall packets for those Flight Attendants affected by this recall will be mailed on October 9, 2003. Responses must be received by the Company by October 21, 2003. Failure to respond to the recall notice by that date will result in forfeiture of recall rights.

Flight Attendants being recalled at this time will be provided a choice of three bases. They are STL, SLT, and LGA. A list of base preferences as well as training requirements and dates is included in the recall letter.

Throughout the day, the APFA will update the information regarding this recall on the APFA Web site.

This hotline will be updated on Friday, October 10, 2003.

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