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1.29.04 – (LAA) – NBC and Whitley, Penn and Associated have Certified Results of National Officer Primary Election

This is Linda Herod-Rivas, chairperson of the APFA National Ballot Committee.

The National Ballot Committee in conjunction with Whitley, Penn & Associates have certified the results of the National Officer Primary Election.

In the President category, Peggy Anthony received 288 votes, Bobby Bulham received 54 votes, Steven Ellis 2,968 votes, Tommie Hutto-Blake received 4,461 votes, Rock Salomon received 913 votes, John Ward received 3,599 votes, and there were 72 blanks and 1 void.

For Vice President, Ted Bedwell received 3,599 votes, Dixie Daniels received 501 votes, Brett Durkin received 5,650 votes, Sam Morales received 2,335 votes, and there were 271 blanks.

Among the candidates for Secretary, Diana Balfour received 175 votes, Greg Hildreth received 5,691 votes, Linda Lanning received 3,860 votes, Nancy McGuire received 463 votes, Elizabeth Lee Price received 1,765 votes and Nancy Winn received 92 votes. There were 309 blanks and 1 void.

In the Treasurer’s race, Bill Green received 1,944 votes, Juan Johnson received 4,182 votes, Cathy Hermann Lukensmeyer received 5,928 votes and there were 301 blanks and 1 void.

The total number of valid votes cast was 12,356. A complete base breakdown is now available on the APFA website and will be posted on the APFA bulletin boards.

Per Article VI, Section 5 of the APFA Constitution, a candidate for National Officer must receive a majority, or 50% + 1 of the valid votes cast to be deemed elected. Since no candidate received 6,179 votes, we will be conducting a run-off election for each of the four national offices.

The candidates for President are Tommie Hutto-Blake and John Ward. The candidates for Vice President are Ted Bedwell and Brett Durkin. The candidates for Secretary are Greg Hildreth and Linda Lanning and the candidates for Treasurer are Juan Johnson and Cathy Hermann Lukensmeyer.

Run-off ballots will be mailed to all APFA members on February 9, 2004, and must be received in the designated post office box by 9:00 AM Central time on March 10, 2004. Please stay on line for the remainder of the APFA hotline.

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