Hello. This is Liz Geiss, DFW InfoRep Captain with the InfoRep Hotline for Thursday, February 5th, 2004.

Many Flight Attendants have contacted the APFA regarding a rumor that approximately 400 Flight Attendants have been terminated for calling in sick during the holidays. While there is no truth to the rumor, APFA is aware that the company has launched a number of investigations into Flight Attendants, who are suspected of using their travel benefits while on the sick list, paid or unpaid, (excluding maternity), Injury on Duty, paid or unpaid, or Family Leave for employee’s own medical condition. As a result of these investigations, several Flight Attendants have been terminated. If you have been contact by the company regarding this issue, please contact your Base Chairperson or Vice Chairperson for representation.

The APFA is also aware that some Flight Attendants were placed on Medical Certificate for calling in sick during the holiday season. Most of these issues have already been resolved, however, if you have recently been placed on Medical Certificate, please contact your local base representative.

On the issue of reduced rest layovers, we hear you loud and clear. Flight Attendants are sick AND tired! Therefore, we need your help in gathering documentation. The Health Department is asking all Flight Attendants to complete survey regarding workplace fatigue posted on the APFA Web site. The survey, which is being conducted by the University of Denver in cooperation with the APFA, will allow us to compare the fatigue level of Flight Attendants with other work groups governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The information collected will also be useful to the APFA when speaking with the FAA about reduced layover rest. Please take a moment to complete this survey AND the Reduced Rest Layover Survey, which can be found on the opening page of the APFA web site at www.www.apfa.org. I know it seems like a slow process, but I assure you, your APFA Representatives are continuingly working on this issue.

There has been some question as to why there is a run off election for APFA National Officer. Per the APFA Constitution, a candidate must receive 50% + 1 of the votes to be deemed "elected" for that office. Since no one candidate for any office received that amount, there will be a runoff between the 2 candidates receiving the highest number of votes. Ballots for the APFA National Officer runoff election will be mailed to all members on February 9, 2004. They are due back by 0900 Central Time on March 10, 2004. A detailed breakdown of the initial election results has been posted on the APFA Web site. If you have recently moved, please ensure that your address is current with the APFA Membership Department. They can be contacted by e-mail at membership@apfa.org or by phone at 1-800-395-2732, Extension 8153. The National Ballot Committee would like to stress the importance of following the ballot instructions carefully when completing your ballot. Please be sure to use a pencil when marking your ballot. Use of other writing utensils to mark your ballot creates a delay in the ballot counting process. In the initial election, only 50 percent of the eligible members actually cast ballots. All members are encouraged to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming runoff election.

That’s it for this edition of the InfoRep hotline. Please call the APFA hotline at 1-800-399-2732, and visit the web site at www.www.apfa.org for more information.

Thanks for calling.

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