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Hi everyone, This Michael Truan, DFW InfoRep Captain, with the InfoRep Hotline for Friday June 18, 2004.

Complaints regarding the recently conducted APFA National Officer elections were filed by Ted Bedwell, Sherry Cooper, Tommie Hutto-Blake, Juan Johnson, Linda Lanning and Sam Morales, first internally within procedures provided by the APFA Constitution, and then with the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor is required to investigate such complaints and it is presently engaged in that process. We will provide further information when we are informed of the results of that investigation.

It was reported on the APFA hotline on Wednesday June 9th, the company has announced the recall of 233 Flight Attendants, effective July 1, 2004. The APFA is very pleased to be welcoming back to the line these 233 members from furlough. If you are asked any questions about recalls, please refer them to the recall information on the opening page of the APFA website if you are unable to answer their questions.

Rumor Mill is alive and well on the line. Here are some frequently asked Questions you can respond to if asked.

     Q:  I heard that AA is going to start HNL-NRT service sometime soon and possibly open a base there. Is this true or another rumor?

      A: AA will begin service from HNL – NRT on November 1,2004. AA has not yet assigned what base will be flying the route.

      Q: Why is it that the pilots go to downtown hotels, while the flight attendants are sent to a hotel at an airport location?

      A: The pilots do not get sent to downtown hotels and F/A’s to airport locations IF their Layover time is the same as the Flight Attendants. Please refer to Article 21 of the APFA contract which states: "The company will not discriminate between transportation and hotel accommodations provided for F/A’s and cockpit members".

      Q: The TWA LLC operation is ending in August. Will we be automatically transferred to SLT or displaced in reverse seniority?

      A: Once the STL side of the operation closes, you will remain a flight attendant on the SLT side under the AA certificate.

      Q: Are any transfers currently being processed?

      A: Currently there are no domestic transfers in the works. Domestic mutual transfers Will be processed in July for an August effective date.

We still need more signatures on Senator Boxer’s letter on Flight Attendant Fatigue. We currently have over 1,200 letters that have been sent to Senators on Flight Attendant Fatigue and layover rest. Please inform all of your flying partners to send Senator Boxer’s letter on Fatigue as soon as possible, as it will be circulating in Washington for only a few more weeks. Senator Hollings letter on Safety and Security Training expired on June 15th receiving about 706 letters sent. In the Government Affairs page of the website you can also obtain a list of phone numbers for the senate offices. Click on 108th Congress – U.S. Senate and print the phone list to take along with you on your trips. Your participation is VERY important, so tell your fellow flight attendants to log on to the website and send those letters and or make those calls.

Have you recently moved or had a change of phone number? We ask that you contact APFA to update any changes to your personal information. Please contact Debbie Jones at 800-395-2732 ext 8153. It is very important that we have your correct e-mail and phone numbers of file.

Thanks for calling the InfoRep Hotline. Please visit the web site frequently and call or access the text of the APFA Hotline each week to stay informed on the latest APFA news.

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