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This is Denise Pointer with the InfoRep Hotline for Wednesday, February 2, 2005.

Thanks everyone for the emails. Keep them coming! If you are accessing this Hotline message by phone and have not yet registered to receive information from the InfoRep program via email, please go to APFA’s website at to sign up.

Having the ability to communicate with everyone through email is the most efficient and cost-effective communication tool we have. Of the 2287 InfoReps in the program, less than half of you have signed up to receive hotlines and "InfoRep Blasts" via email. Signing up is easy and painless. My goal is to have everyone on the email list.

Please encourage your co-workers to log on to and fill out the 2005 Membership Opinion Survey, round one. It’s quick, easy and simple to do. It took me less than 5 minutes to complete. Your participation in this survey is important and is the place for all APFA members to have a voice! This survey is the first of many surveys you will be seeing in 2005.

The MSP Satellite base began a successful operation this week, thanks in a large part to the hard work of the MSP Flight Attendants. We would like to remind ORD based Flight Attendants that if you bid or pick-up a MSP sequence, you are responsible for your own transportation to and from MSP.

MSP sequences are designated on the bidsheet with the letter "P". When searching open time for availability plotting, trip trade with open time, etc., please use the N4D/ORD//Date entry as it will clearly display that the sequence originates and terminates in MSP. You cannot distinguish an ORD sequence from a MSP using the N3D or N4TL entry. Spread the word to your fellow ORD based Flight Attendants to use the N4D entry to avoid accidentally picking up a MSP sequence.

The new InfoRep handbooks are nearing completion. Please make sure your mailing address on file with APFA is correct. You can do this by either filling out a secure form on the APFA website under the members only section, or sending an email to with your information, including phone, employee number, address and base for verification purposes. This will help us reduce unnecessary return-postage expenses when we mail these out.

As many of you have heard, it was recently announced that AA has agreed to pay a ten percent commission on all Buy on Board sales. The exact details of the commission are still being worked out. We will have additional details on this new program shortly. The decision to pay a commission to flight attendants does not impact APFA’s position with regard to workload and flight attendant staffing. Results from the APFA’s survey from the flight attendants who worked the Buy on Board test flights are being finalized. The information will be used to ensure that Article 9.B.2 of the Agreement is enforced. As a reminder, this Article gives APFA the right to file a Presidential Grievance if the company abuses its discretion when it comes to changing staffing or service levels by assigning an unreasonable workload to flight attendants.

Mark you calendars for March 14th – 18th. These are the dates of the APFA’s 12th Annual Convention. The convention will be held in Chicago at the Embassy Suites Lakefront, located at 511 North Columbus Drive, Chicago, Il. APFA encourages all members in good standing to attend this important Convention. Discounted room rates have been secured by APFA. You can make reservations by contacting the APFA Hotel Department at hotel-dept The deadline for room reservations is February 25, 2005.

During the convention, on Monday March 14th, there will be a one-day training seminar on Scheduling and Contracts conducted by Brent Peterson and Jamie McNeice. Also, there will be a one-day retirement seminar by APFA’s Retirement Expert Jill Frank. If you wish to register for these seminars, please contact Linda Plunk at APFA, ext 8200. Space is limited. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from the experts. As an InfoRep, this is something that would be well worth your time!

Some of you have sent emails asking about this years EPT’s. Apparently there is some minor panic spreading throughout the line. Please pass the word that the computer-based test taken on the first day is NOT a pass/fail test. All the questions are taken from this year’s home study. If you score less than 90%, the questions you missed will be asked again until you answer them correctly.

Base Chair elections are in full swing. Please don’t forget to encourage voter participation at your base. If you don’t receive a ballot by the 10th of February, call the APFA National Ballot Committee at ext. 8311 and leave a message with your full name, employee number, address and phone. Ballots are due in the designated Post Office no later than 10:00 a.m. March 2, 2005.

The next base visit by Tommie Hutto Blake is February 14th and 15th in MIA. Accompanying Tommie on this visit will be Executive Committee member Steve Ellis, National Hotel Coordinator Dane Townsend and me. I hope I will get the chance to meet many of you in ops on those two days. Can you think of a better way to spend Valentines Day? Well, maybe….

Don’t forget to email me any rumors you are hearing or questions you may have. No subject is off limits.

That’s it for today. And remember, the duties of an InfoRep are simple: stay informed and disseminate truthful, accurate information to your co-workers!

Denise Pointer, DFW InfoRep
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