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Hello. This is Denise Pointer, DFW InfoRep, with a Hotline message for Wednesday, April 6, 2005.

The “We’re Restless” campaign is in full swing. Don’t forget to go to APFA’s website to download the color “We’re Restless” bag tag insert. It’s a very cost effective way to get the message out. Print a few extra copies to pass on to your fellow crew members.

Thanks go out to those of you who have submitted your stories on fatigue via Your input is invaluable in helping APFA move forward with the issue of flight attendant fatigue.

May 11th is the date of the next lobby day in Washington D.C. APFA members will be lobbying Congress on the topics of fatigue and pension reform. Sign up to participate with your fellow coworkers for a day on the Hill. The sign up sheet is accessible from the “We’re Restless” link on the website. Details will be forthcoming for this very important event.

A new communication tool “Skyword Express” will be mailed to the membership later this month. This first issue of Skyword Express will address legislative issues as it relates to our workgroup.

There seems to be some confusion on the line over the joint statement issued recently by APFA, APA, TWU and AA, regarding pension reform being proposed by the Bush Administration. In short, the purpose of the joint position paper is to protect our defined benefit plans.

Collectively, we recognize the need to protect our pensions. The Bush Administration’s pension proposals would actually hurt our Defined Benefit Plans. At AA, we are in the enviable position of having a pension that is better funded than any other airline and Arpey repeatedly states that he believes companies have a moral obligation to protect retirement benefits that have been promised to their employees. Our current defined benefit plan remains completely and fully intact. APFA wants to ensure we keep it that way.

In other words: NO – there has been absolutely no change to our Defined Benefit Plan.

A few emails we received this week need to be addressed. One was regarding a media report that AA was planning to remove galleys on aircraft to accommodate additional seats. A check with Flight Service Management told us that this was a mistake made by the media and that no such plan is in place.

There was also a question regarding the rumor that our vacation application was to be changed so that only actual vacation days touching a trip would be paid. In other words, if you had a three-day trip that you were removed from because the last day of the trip touched the first day of your vacation, you would be paid only for the last day of the trip. Again this is untrue. Our contract specifies how vacation is calculated and paid.

One final reminder – AA’s deadline for receipt of dependent verification documents is this Friday, April 8th.

Thanks for all you do for the InfoRep program.

Denise Pointer, DFW InfoRep
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