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Hello, this is Denise Pointer with an InfoRep Hotline message for April 20, 2005.

This week, over 2000 packets were mailed to our InfoReps system wide. Inside this mailing was a letter from our National Officers asking all InfoReps to participate in APFA’s Legislative Action Lobby Day in our Nation’s Capital. The date for this lobby day is May 11th.

We will be gathering in the morning on the 11th to organize and then we will proceed to the Hill to lobby our lawmakers on topics such as fuel costs and Flight Attendant fatigue. Please encourage all your co-workers to participate in this very important event. The outcome could have far-reaching effects on our work group.

Our new "We’re Restless" bag tags will be included in our first-ever Skyword Express to be mailed to all members in good standing by the end of April. You may also download this new bag tag insert on our website. Additionally, bag tags were included in your InfoRep mailing this week. Share the tags! Help spread the word! Also, be sure to bring your Skyword Express, which is focused on legislative issues, with you to Washington for the May 11th Lobby Day.

This past Monday President Tommie Hutto-Blake continued discussions at APFA headquarters with Lauri Curtis and other team members concerning improving our bid lines. As you all know, we saw significant changes to some of our base’s bid sheets in April. The bid line changes have been the direct result of the company’s Simplification Initiative which began as a test in ORD in July and became fully implemented this month.

As of today, AA Crew Resources has informed APFA that May bid sheets will be much the same as they were in April. They are working with APFA on improvements for June and throughout the summer months.

As is the case with any important issue – and our bid lines are certainly important – we need the help of all InfoReps. APFA’s Contract/Scheduling Departments are working toward having a bid sheet opinion survey on our website in the next few weeks. We will be asking you to voice your individual goals for your base’s bid lines. We need your voice to be a part of this solution and we need you to encourage everyone to participate.

AMR’s first quarter results were released this morning. As expected, our losses were tied directly to fuel costs.

What do you think about cell phone usage on board the aircraft? Please go to and submit your comments to the FCC. The deadline for comments has been extended to May 26, 2005. APFA has already submitted the Union’s opposition to any passenger cell phone use on board prior to the implementation of wireless communication between the cabin and the cockpit. The FCC needs to hear from you, so please take a few moments to let them know how you feel.

There are several items from the Hotel Department this week. Last week’s hotline misreported information regarding the need for a credit card imprint at the Milford Plaza in New York. Flight Attendants do not have to leave a credit card imprint when checking in.

A reminder that the Ayres Hotel in LAX is a totally non-smoking hotel. If you smoke inside your room, you will be charged $400 by the hotel for the cleaning of the room. Neither AA nor APFA will pay for these charges.

Also, the Hotel Department would like to remind everyone to utilize safes provided in your rooms during layovers. Place cash and other valuables in the safe any time you leave your room.

And finally, please access the Hotel Department’s web page for information on new layover properties and upcoming hotel reviews. If you have a comment or complaint about a layover hotel, APFA needs to hear it!

The rumor mill must be on vacation this month. So far, we have only had one rumor sent to the InfoRep program this month and it had to do with AA management and the AIP payouts. There is no truth to the rumor that AA management received larger payouts than other employees.

Keep your emails and questions coming.

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