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1.09.06 – Labor Unions at AA Voice Concern Over Executive Bonuses

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Fort Worth, Texas (January 9, 2006) – The leaders of the three unions at American Airlines – the Allied Pilots Association, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and the Transport Workers Union – convened this morning in a special meeting to discuss Friday’s announcement by AMR regarding the bonuses to be awarded to approximately 1,000 management employees under their Management Performance Unit Plan.

Following this meeting, the unions released a joint statement that reads as follows: "APA, APFA and TWU are concerned over the irrationality of tying cash bonuses solely to the performance of our stock.

"The union-represented employees at American Airlines have devoted a tremendous amount of energy, time and resources working together with management in an effort to return our airline to profitability. Management has continuously acknowledged that these joint efforts have contributed not only to the great strides our company has made, but also to Wall Street’s confidence in American Airlines.

"All three unions have requested a meeting with senior management to seek in-depth clarification on the Management Performance Unit Plan. We seriously question the logic behind these cash bonuses.”

Founded in 1977, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants is the largest independent union in the nation. It represents the more than 22,620 flight attendants of American Airlines, including 4,084 furloughed flight attendants. The APFA’s Web site is .

Founded in 1934, the Transport Workers Union represents nearly 125,000 workers in the nation’s transportation industries, including 55,000 workers in the airline and government service industry in virtually all Class and Crafts. The Air Transport Division represents 42 Locals with 59 labor contracts. The Airline Division Web site is .

Founded in 1963, APA is headquartered in Ft. Worth, TX. APA represents the more than 13,000 pilots who fly for American Airlines, including 2,819 pilots on furlough. The furloughs began shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Also, several hundred AA pilots are on full-time military leave of absence serving in the armed forces. APA’s Web site address is .

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