Hello. This is Liz Geiss, DFW InfoRep Captain, with an APFA Hotline update for Tuesday, April 29, 2003.

Today the APFA was formally notified by American Airlines via the WARN letter that an overage of just under 5,000 Flight Attendants will exist, effective July 2003. The overage is a result of the following:

  • Schedule reduction;

  • Productivity changes from the Restructuring Participation Agreement;

  • The question of whether Flight Attendants currently on Overage Leave of Absence will wish to remain on overage leaves or return to work.

The Flight Attendants affected will soon be receiving a notice from the Company that they are subject to furlough. The senior most Flight Attendant receiving this notice will have a hire date of April 9th, 1999 – this is an approximate seniority number of 18,399.

Prior to any furloughs, Overage Leave of Absences and Partnership Flying will be offered which would reduce to number of furloughs. An Overage Leave of Absence proffer will open today for a 12-month key block from July 2003 through June 2004 and will close May 12th, 2003 at 0800 CDT. If an overage still exists, a 3-month auxiliary block from July 2003 through September 2003, and a 9-month auxiliary block from October 2003 through June 2004 will be offered. To proffer for an overage leave you will need to submit a HISEND form #32 and for Partnership Flying a HISEND form #20.

Please remember, if you are awarded an Overage Leave of Absence, you will be responsible for the full portion of your benefit payments, however, you will retain bidding seniority and pass privileges. Awards will be posted May 14th, 2003. There are approximately 2,000 Flight Attendants currently on overage leaves who will soon be receiving these three options:

  • To return to work July 2003;

  • Proffer for another Overage Leave of Absence beginning July 2003;

  • Resign and forfeit all recall rights.

Should you return to active duty from a Leave Of Absence, you must complete the FAA required fingerprinting process by June 20th 2003, to receive a July bid award, and must be scheduled to attend EPT’s / RDT’s prior to July 2, 2003.

Because of the expected impact this overage will have at the STL base, the Company anticipates a need for approximately 1,000 Flight Attendants in STL, effective July 2003. American Airlines Flight Attendants may submit their transfer request for STL. Your request must be on file by Monday, May 12th, 2003 at 0800 CDT. Please refer to HIDIR for instructions on how to submit your request. If a shortage still exists in STL after transfers have been processed, assignments will be made in reverse seniority order from bases where an overage exists. For more information, please refer to Art. 16C, page 186 of the contract.

The implementation schedule for the Restructuring Agreement is now posted on the APFA web site under the “Restructuring Agreement” icon. Some of the details of the implementation are as follows:

  • Overage Leave reduced benefits and the option to return to active status will be implemented July 2003;

  • Part-time will be eliminated July 2003;

  • Increased trip selection max to 77 Domestic/82 International and pure bid line maximums will be increased to 82 Domestic/87 International in June 2003;

  • Underfly will not be implemented in May.

APFA and American will continue to meet to discuss this issue and what provisions will be swapped for the underfly provision and how this will be implemented.

The following provisions do not currently have an implementation date:

  • Reduced rest to FAA minimums for both domestic and international;

  • Deadhead reduced to 100% pay/50% credit;

  • Language Pay for language of destination only for requested speakers by seniority.

The Missouri Division of Work Force Development will hold a Rapid Response Meeting in St. Louis on May 20. The meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Airport North from 0900-1300. More information on this meeting can be found on the furlough and STL base page of the APFA website.

That is it for this edition of the APFA Hotline. American will furlough an additional 255 Flight Attendants on May 1. This will bring the total number of Flight Attendants on furlough to 3,006.

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