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Hello. Today is Friday, May 16, 2003. This is George Price, APFA National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline.

APFA met with the Company today to review the results of the STL transfers. All 371 voluntary requests were granted. There will be 577 Flight Attendants involuntarily transferred. The following is a breakdown of the involuntary transfers:

DCA 16 – senior most person to be involuntarily assigned is 19018

DFW 189 – senior most person 18710

LAX 126 – senior most person 19416

MIA 197 – senior most person 19146

SFO 49 – senior most person 19557

(Seniorities are those found in HI8)

All Flight Attendants who elected to voluntarily transfer have been or will be contacted by phone. Those that are involuntarily transferred will be sent an individual HI6 message and will be contacted by phone. All Flight Attendants transferring into STL will soon be sent an information packet from the Company that will contain transfer information including specific information on moving expenses should the flight attendant elect to relocate to STL.

Overage Leaves for Flight Attendants voluntarily or involuntarily transferring to STL will be cancelled by the Company effective June 1 in order for those Flight Attendants to attend required training. They will not actually fly a schedule for the Month of June. The cancellation will allow them to not only attend training but also bid for the STL for the Month of July.

Flight Attendants transferring to STL will be required to attend an 8-day training class with one duty-free period included. The training classes will be scheduled between May 19th and the end of June. Flight Attendants transferring into STL will be required to stay in STL for a period of 3-months before becoming eligible for transfer. If they are granted a transfer after that period, they will be required to attend an abbreviated training class.

As APFA President John Ward announced on Wednesday, May 14, 2003, the Company confirmed they would furlough 3,123 Flight Attendants effective July 1, 2003. The most senior Flight Attendant that will be furloughed has an occupational system seniority number of 20308 with a class date of April 6, 2000.

American’s Outplace Development Office in conjunction with various state unemployment offices and Division of Work Force Development offices are working to setup informational meetings for Flight Attendants affected by reduction in force. APFA has been working with the company’s Outplacement Representatives to publicize these meetings. The meetings are designed to provide information regarding unemployment benefits, COBRA, grant information, job placement, financial planning, and additional information useful to employees facing reduction in force. APFA highly encourages all Flight Attendants who will be affected by reduction in force to attend one of these meetings. The following is a list of meetings that have been finalized:

JFK-May 19th and 22nd at 0900, 1130, and 1500. Group Room, Terminal 8-Mezzanine Level.

LGA-May 20 and 21st at 1000 and 1400. Flight Service Conference Room, Hanger 3, 3rd Floor.

BOS-May 20th at 1000 and 1230. Massport Media Room.

A job fair will be conducted in St. Louis on May 20th from 0900-1300 at the Holiday Inn Airport-North.

More information on these meetings can be found on the APFA Web site on the base pages of the bases affected, the “Furlough Assistance Events” on the Furlough page, and the Calendar. We will update this information as new meetings are planned.

The APFA will soon be sending each Flight Attendant who will be furloughed on July 1, 2003, an information packet. This packet is already available on the APFA Web site Furlough page. Included in this packet is a great deal of useful information and resources including links to job search sites, government agencies, and other organizations that may prove helpful. Additionally, the APFA encourages all Flight Attendants facing furlough to visit the Furlough page of the web site. This page contains job opportunities and additional resources including direct links to unemployment offices throughout the United States. The APFA will continue to update the Furlough page of the web site with additional information as it becomes available.

There will be a retirement seminar held in EWR on May 20th at 1100 at the GM’s Conference Room near the AA Credit Union. Interested Flight Attendants must RSVP to Joe Parrino at 973-961-4026. As more retirement seminars are scheduled, we will post the plans on the APFA Calendar on the web site and include them on the APFA Hotline.

From the Contract Desk: If you were awarded an Overage Leave with a start date of July 2, 2003 your HI10 will show a start date of the Overage Leave as July 8, 2003. This will change when June bids are finalized. If you were awarded an Overage Leave with a start date of Oct. 1, 2003, your HI10 will show a start date of the Overage Leave as Oct. 8, 2003 until September bids are finalized. Overage Leave awards are now in Flight Attendant’s HI10s. Partnership Flying awards can be found in HIDIR. The delayed start dates are only to accommodate carry over trips for those on active status in the months of June and September. Those Flight Attendants would be responsible for any trip on their schedule that flies into the Overage Leave. Flight Attendants going from one Overage Leave to another will not be affected.

In accordance with the Restructuring Agreement, there has been a reduction in the annual Purser bidding obligation from 225 International and 213 Domestic to 100 hours for both Domestic and International. The obligation period runs from May through April each year, and this change is retroactive to May, 2002.

The Company has given Flight Attendants until May 20th to either change benefit plans or “waive” or “drop” coverage and/or dependants. The Company’s decision to arbitrarily make changes in the healthcare options was not a part of the Restructuring Agreement.

The APFA Health Department would like to remind Flight Attendants that the updated version of the APFA IOD Packet is now available on the APFA Web site Health page. If you have experienced an injury, Health Reps encourage you to access this information as there have been numerous changes to the IOD procedures.

The Health Department would also like to remind Flight Attendants that the updated version of the APFA IOD Packet is now available on the APFA Web site Health page. If you have experienced an injury, Health Reps encourage you to access this information as there have been numerous changes to IOD procedures.

The APFA Hotel and Safety Departments have been notified by the Company that Corporate Security will now allow a return to regular layover hotels in Europe. Effective June 1, we will return to regular layover hotels in London Heathrow and Gatwick and Madrid. The Company is contacting the remaining European hotels to schedule a return date.

APFA LGA Base Chair Suzanne Edwards is on medical leave for the next couple of months. LGA Vice Chair Eric Hodgson will assume her responsibilities in her absence. He will be assisted by LGA OCR Terry Karanen. Eric’s number is 718-474-4205. Terry can be reached by calling 610-923-6669.

In Rumor Control:

The Company’s use of Foreign National Flight Attendants is restricted to provisions contained in the Latin American Agreement, Appendix S, pages 595-601 of the contract. There have been NO changes to this agreement.

The May 15th paychecks reflect the 15.6% reduction in pay as outlined in the Restructuring Agreement for the period May 1-15. The May 30th paycheck will reflect incentive hours flown during the month of April 2003 at incentive rates that applied prior to May 1.

The AMR annual stockholders meeting will be held at the Flagship University on May 21st. Registration will begin at 0730 and the meeting will begin at 0800. The recently issued proxy statements identified former Chairman and CEO Don Carty as being a nominee for AMR Director. The statement was prepared prior to Mr. Carty’s resignation. A correction has been sent out explaining that Mr. Carty is no longer a nominee for AMR Director, and that Mr. Arpey’s name has replaced him for consideration to the AMR Board of Directors. It has been brought to APFA’s attention that Mr. Carty is a nominee for the Board of Directors for Dell. AMR’s Proxy Statement, Annual Statement, 10K Report, and executive compensation schedule is posted under “Hot Topics” on the APFA Web site.

That is it for this edition of the APFA Hotline. Please visit the web site for the latest information.

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