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Hello. Today is Friday, June 20, 2003. This is George Price, APFA National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline.

Ballots were mailed to all APFA members on June 12, 2003, in order to determine whether to keep the Underfly Provision as it appears in the Restructuring Agreement or choose one of two other options. Ballots are due by 0900 Central Daylight Time on July 11, 2003. The ballots contain actual contractual language for each of the three options. Please read the ballot carefully. The area to fill in to select a particular option is located below the option language. Please pay close attention to this when completing your ballot.

Additional education information on the various options has been included on the opening page of the APFA Web site under “Underfly Information.” The information includes examples of trips as they would be built using the changes in duty rigs associated with each option. APFA InfoReps who receive the hotlines via e-mail were sent this information via e-mail this week.

Please be advised that there is a potential overage of Flight Attendants associated with Option 2 of approximately 208 and approximately 309 with Option 3. If either of these options is chosen, it does not automatically mean there will be additional furloughs. If the Company did not decide to absorb an overage if Option 2 or 3 is chosen by the membership, they would have to offer Overage Leaves and Partnership Flying prior to any furlough. In addition, they must provide Flight Attendants “subject to” furlough and the APFA with a 60-day written warning in accordance with federal law. They have not provided APFA with any such notice.

From the Scheduling Department: The Company has implement the provision of the Restructuring Agreement regarding layover rest on the July bidsheets. These changes are most apparent on International bidsheets where, in many instances, layovers have been reduced to near FAA minimums. This afternoon, the Company notified the APFA that a change to the Master Bidsheet has been posted for JFK. The JFK/Buenos Aires trip has been modified. To view changes to the Master bidsheet, type RF (space) 2029 (space) NBR in DECS.

In accordance with changes to Article 8.I.4 and Appendix I, Article 8.G.1,2, which are outlined in the Restructuring Agreement, sequences in the July bidsheet that included deadheading reflected the 50% deadhead credit value but NOT the 100% pay credit value. The 100% pay is reflected in the H-I1 and H-I3.

The APFA Base Visits continued this week in Boston, New York, and Miami. APFA National Officers, members of the negotiating team, and advisors met with members in order to discuss current issues facing the APFA as well as to talk about the events of the past few months. The Washington base visit will be conducted on Wednesday, June 25th.

The quarterly APFA Executive Committee meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. on Monday, June 23rd and Tuesday June 24th at the Embassy Suites Hotel located at 1300 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia. The meetings are expected to begin at 1000 Eastern Time. Members in good standing are welcome to attend all open portions of the meeting.

Senator Kit Bond held Congressional hearings on the issue of the integration of former TWA-LLC employees into American Airlines. Due to pending litigation in this matter, APFA filed a written comments. A copy of John Ward’s statement to Congress on the issue of seniority integration can be found on the opening page of the APFA Web site.

The APFA Budget Committee has been meeting in order to evaluate the current APFA fiscal budget. The committee is looking at all areas of the budget to identify where cuts can be made without sacrificing membership services. The Budget Committee recommendations will be presented to the APFA Board of Directors for their consideration. APFA will realize an overall reduction in union dues of just over $5 million dollars as a result of furloughs, retirements, and attrition. Although the aggressive dues collection campaign by the Dues Department continues to yield good results, APFA must tighten its belt even further than we have already. APFA Treasurer Juan Johnson will report on the Budget Committee’s work and the Board’s decisions in the coming weeks.

An updated list of Flight Attendants in dues/fees arrears has been posted on the APFA Web site and will be included in the June issue of Skyword. Flight Attendants who owe dues/fees can contact the APFA Dues Department to make payment arrangement by calling 1-800-395-2732, extension 8152.

American has begun modifying former TWA-LLC Boeing 757s to begin flying under the American Airlines operating certificate. The first of these modified planes will begin flying in the American system in July. The SFO Flight Attendant crew base will be the first to be qualified. SFO Flight Attendants who wish to trigger for training on the former TWA-LLC 757s must complete HISEND form 100. The Company plans to modify all of the TWA-LLC 757s other than the ones that will be returned to leasing companies. Until the planes are modified, they will remain under the TWA-LLC operating certificate and can only be flown by STL Flight Attendants who have been trained on TWA-LLC equipment. APFA will soon change servers for the APFA Web site. This move along with some new enhancements will make the web site easier to navigate, more reliable, and easier to modify. There will also be noticeable changes to the bulletin board. Contrary to reports by some misinformed members, these changes will only result in minor disruptions if any to the site. More information on the changes will be included in future hotlines.

A retirement seminar is scheduled for STL on June 23rd. Sessions will be held at 0900, 1100, and 1400. STL Training Room, Mezzanine Level above gate C27. First come, first serve basis.

Furlough Assistance Events:

SFO. June 23rd. 1100. SFO Training Room-Mezzanine Level.

DFW. June 26th. 1000 at the Flagship University. Eagle Room 3E39 and 1530 at the Yandry Center at DFW Airport, Terminal C.

Washington (DCA). June 26th. 1100. Ramp Service Conference Room.

Chicago. June 24th. 1000-1400. Group Room across from K-1.

STL. June 30. 1000 and 1400. TWA-LLC Training Center Auditorium. There will be a job fair in St. Louis on June 24th at the Holiday Inn Airport North from 0900-1400.

LAX. June 26th. 0900 and 1300. Flight Service Conference Room, Concourse Level.

A Job Fair will be conducted in DFW on July 7th from 1000 to 1400 at the Flagship University-Atrium Room. There will be over 35 employers present. Employees who will be affected by the July 2 reduction in force are encouraged to attend this event and bring their updated resumes.

In Industry News:

Merrill Lynch this week upgraded AMR common stock from “neutral” to “buy.” Analysts have a positive view of the company’s future financial results based on improving revenue and successful cost-cutting strategies.

Northwest Flight Attendants voted on Thursday to end their 26-year relationship with the Teamsters and be represented by the Professional Flight Attendants Association. The PFAA is a new independent Flight Attendant union. The APFA congratulates the PFAA and pledges to work with them on issues affecting Flight Attendants in the future.

Northwest has invoked “force majeure” in order to layoff 150 mechanics. The company sited the weak demand in Asia due to SARS as the primary reason for the move. AMFA, the union representing Northwest mechanics, feels the layoffs are a contractual violation.

For more industry news, please click on the “News and Events” page on the APFA Web site.

That is it for this edition of the APFA Hotline. For the latest information and past editions of the APFA Hotline, please visit the web site.

Remember, there are currently 3,026 American Airlines Flight Attendants on furlough.

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