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4.08.07 – (LAA) – Executive Bonuses APFA Leadership Letter, Adventist Contact Negotiations

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline for Saturday, April 8, 2007. (Please note clarifications below on confirmed vs postential cities we will be picketing in as well as details for April 13th kick-off event in Euless, TX.)

APFA ALERT: By now, you should have received your APFA leadership letter addressing the AMR Executive Bonuses along with your new APFA 30th anniversary bagtag and a bagtag insert. Use either side of your bagtag insert protesting these bonuses for AMR’s 874 elite executives. Please contact if you did not receive your letter and one will be mailed to you immediately, Include your name, employee number, current mailing address and phone number so that we may update our records.

As we announced earlier this week, APFA members will be protesting the hundreds of millions of dollars in executive bonuses awarded to 874 members of senior management on April 18, 2007, by info-picketing systemwide. We are asking all Flight Attendants that are not otherwise required to report for duty either on the aircraft or serving standby to join your coworkers in uniform and speak out against the exorbitant executive bonus windfall. Along with info-picketing events at base cities across the nation, including: BOS, DCA, LGA, MIA, EWR, JFK, RDU, STL, ORD, DFW, SFO and LAX we will also be picketing at SAN and possibly our other two satellite base cities: ATL, and MSP. There is the potential for picketing at two of our commuter cities PHX, and IAH. Stay tuned to this hotline for further details. You may also click on the base city you plan to picket in and you will be added to the mailing list for more information on April 17th picketing.

Despite what you may be hearing on the line, it is important that you only participate in APFA-sanctioned activities. These activities are entirely lawful and protected under the Railway Labor Act. Stay tuned to – click on the Executive Bonuses link for upcoming details. This link contains printable bagtag inserts, the pulling together cartoon, up-to-date picketing information, a copy of the member letter dated March 2007, relevant news articles, and several links to JetNet pages that formerly contained AA propaganda justifying the executive bonuses until we posted them on They have since, but for one, all been disabled by AA. We are offering an avenue for all Flight Attendants to express their opinions over AMR’s lack of ability to share in the promised gains. Send an email to and share your opinion on sharing in the pain without sharing in the gains. it will be posted on the Executive Bonuses area of the Web site.

For those of you flying on the 13th through the 17th of April, join your coworkers by placing a green ribbon or piece of yarn above your wings in objection to the hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses being rewarded to a select few whilte the rest of us who have been pulling together for years won’t be winning together this year either!

APFA has planned a kick-off event for Friday the 13th of April in protest of the bonuses set for next week’s payout. Please wear your uniform and meet at APFA Headquarters at 9:00 a.m. sharp Friday morning. You are being asked to bring a pair of boots with you. Cameras are also welcome and encouraged! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday the 13th in Dallas at 1004 W. Euless Blvd., in Euless, TX and also on Tuesday, April 17th at one of the many cities in which we will be picketing beginning at 10:00 a.m. local base time.

APFA members have one more week to provide input to your Union via the APFA membership opinion survey at . This survey is being conducted by the University of North Texas Survey Research Center. Please take a few minutes to record your responses to this important questionnaire. All individual results will remain confidential and only percentages of each response will be made available to the APFA Leadership. Keep in mind that even though you are able to visit the survey site more than once, only your first response will be recorded. APFA needs your input to help your leadership set the course for negotiations in 2008.

From the APFA Scheduling Department: Based on APFA’s concerns that Reassignments were not being proffered in seniority-order, AA has agreed to test a procedure which APFA believes honors the seniority of the crewmembers. While it is APFA’s opinion that this is a contractual right, AA does not agree. Keep in mind that it is the FA’s responsibility to respond to Crew Tracking if the senior Flight Attendant intends to claim the Reassignment. Contact will be handled like MakeUp. Once Crew Tracking makes the call, s/he continues down the list until s/he makes contact. If the trip is claimed by another FA before you respond, the trip will not be re-proffered.

APFA received several complaints over the bidsheets for April. AA has assured us that May allocations will see a huge improvement considering the major schedule change on April 10th that requred mixing of sign-in times, 1, 2 and 3-day trips on the same selections as well as other differentiating factors that provided for a less-than-optimal bidsheet. Please continue to forward your suggestions or opinions to as well as your base chair.

And from the Health Department, if you live in the Chicago area and have been adversely affected by the Adventist contact negotiations, send an email to David Levine, Managing Director of HR at including details such as financial harm by paying out of pocket, paying a higher percentage due to the “usual and prevailing” clause, or if you have a serious health condition that requires continuation of coverage.

Please remember that we still have 2,366 Flight Attendants on furlough.

Thatís it for this week. Thank you for calling the APFA Hotline.

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