3.08.07 – (LAA) – Base Election Results

National Ballot Committee Results
From: Leatha Harding-Berry
National Ballot Committee Chairperson
March 8, 2007

This is Leatha Harding-Berry, National Ballot Committee Chairperson with Base election results for the two year term beginning April 1, 2007.

Today March 8, 2007 the National Ballot Committee in conjunction with Whitley Penn Accounting firm certified the results of the base representative elections. The results are in alphabetical order by base as follows:

At (BOS-I) Boston International for Operation Council Representative, Susan Croquet received 137 votes, Michael Medeiros received a 130 votes, Patty Moore received a 117 votes, Sean Nowicke received 100 votes and Neil Wood received 114 votes. Susan Croquet, Michael Medeiros, Patty Moore, and Neil Wood are the newly elected BOS-I OCRís.

At (DFW) Dallas/Fort Worth Domestic for Chairperson, Sam Morales received 369 votes and Chris O’Kelly received 655 votes. Chris OíKelly is the elected DFW Domestic Base Chairperson.

At (LAX-I) Los Angeles-International for Chairperson, Joseph Robinson received 46 votes and David Ransom received 278 votes. David Ransom is the newly elected Los Angeles-International Base Chairperson.

At JFK for Chairperson, Danny Cabrera received 104 votes, Suzanne Edwards received 556 votes and Jessica Washington received 208 votes. For Vice Chairperson, Christian Casadey received 680 votes and Rosalind Inyang received 188 votes. Suzanne Edwards is the elected JFK Base Chair and Christian Casadey is the newly elected JFK Vice Chair.

At (STL) St. Louis for Chairperson, Robert Applegate received 78 votes, Greg Bertolini received 127 votes, Dixie Daniels – 913 votes, Nena Martin – 171 votes. For (STL) St. Louis Vice Chairperson, Tim Hunter received 893 votes, Kathy Jones received 97 votes, Becky Joyce received 173 votes and Mary Pat Taylor received 120 votes. Dixie Daniels is the newly elected St. Louis Base Chair and Tim Hunter is the newly elected St. Louise Vice Chair

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