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7.20.07 – (LAA) – TWA Flight 800, FAA Reauthorization Bill, Furlough Recall

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline for Friday, July 20, 2007. This week I’d like to begin with a follow-up from last week’s rumor control, address AMR’s earnings report and follow up with a few industry news items. But first, to the families, friends and loved ones of those who perished on TWA Flight 800 11 years ago this week, our thoughts are with you.

Thank you to all of you who have sent emails and made phone calls to your Union requesting clarification on the rumors of late over the APFA seniority list – yet again. Apparently, some have been spreading rumors that our Seniority List is alleged to be in jeopardy by legislation on the Hill. In case you missed last week’s hotline, this is 100% false. There is no legislation on the Hill that could threaten our Seniority List. Period. Please review the APFA Hotline dated July 13, 2007, for the full story relating to APFA Seniority, once again.

Now that we have eliminated (at least for now) the false rumors that seniority changes, modifications, adjustments, alterations, transformations, etc, could occur if this, that or the other takes place, we must proceed forward and focus on improving the quality of our work life.

Last week, we referenced the FAA Reauthorization Bill and several of its amendments – or proposed amendments – since it was introduced into Committee in both the House and the Senate. One such attachment, generated by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), includes language that would mandate the extension of recall rights to ten years – for employees of those airlines that accepted Federal Aid prior to September 22, 2002.

The time is now. Your Leadership has heard your horror stories on the line about the understaffing, the reassignments, the misconnections and the blatant violations of our Contract. Add to that our high-seniority Reserve lists and the stagnant condition of our Bases and PVD availability and it truly makes for a miserable work environment.

Bottom line, we have done everything possible to get our members the relief they deserve and the service our passengers are craving – RECALL OUR FURLOUGHS. American started listening to APFA a few months back when they recalled 200 of our members. But it’s not enough. We need relief system wide and 140 more flight attendants is a drop in the bucket.

APFA has no choice but to ask Congress for help, as we have done on many occasions in the past. Specifically, APFA has asked Senator McCaskill to assist us in our efforts to extend recall rights for our furloughed members. McCaskill’s “Amendment #4” has the potential to be attached to the FAA Reauthorization Bill, but it will only happen with your help. This amendment coincides perfectly with the Board of Directorís Resolution #8 (detailed in the most recent Skyword Express) that passed unanimously by your Base Chairs during the February 2007 Board Meeting. And it does so without ANY changes to anyone’s seniority!

If the Amendment is not successful as an attachment, take a moment to imagine your future; another year or more of understaffed flights, more disrupted holidays, being met at the aircraft door with your next reassignment, increasing seniority on Reserve and continued violations of our Contract.

For all of these reasons, APFA wholly supports Senator McCaskillís Amendment #4 to extend recall rights for furloughed employees of those airlines that accepted federal aid following 9/11.

APFA needs your support. Contact your Senators today and express your support for Amendment #4 of S. 1300. It is time for the AA Flight Attendants to get the relief we so desperately need and deserve! Visit and click on the link above the hotline entitled: “Extend Recall Rights for Furloughed Flight Attendants.” While you are asking for Senate support for the extension of recall rights, tell your Representative

The last of four FA-recall classes graduated from training on July 18. They will rejoin us on the line in BOS, DCA and LGA beginning Tuesday, July 24. This is great news for our furloughed members who are able to return to their careers and great news for active FAs as well who are in much need of some relief from the tight staffing the company is currently maintaining. Welcome back!

APFA would like to remind those FAs returning to the line that you are eligible to bid for your Reserve schedule for the month of August. Bids close at 0001 on July 22. We have posted Reserve selections for BOS, DCA and LGA on the furlough page of the APFA Web site to assist you with bidding.

In other news, AMR reported a net profit of $317 million for the Second Quarter ending June 30, 2007. These earnings represent the best “second-quarter earnings” since 1998, and the best revenue-producing quarter since the Fall 2000. AMRís load factors are at an all-time high and our debt is paid down to $17.3. This is great news for our members as the more financially stable our company is, the more APFA members will be able to expect at the negotiating table in ’08!

Don’t forget we have 2,084 furloughed flight attendants waiting to be recalled.

That’s it for this week. Thank you for calling the APFA Hotline.

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