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9.16.07 – (LAA) – Negotiator Positions Ballots Went Out Last Week, Assisting with Boarding, DEL Extended Long-Range Flying

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline for Sunday, September 16, 2007.

From the National Ballot Committee: Ballots went out last week to all member addresses on file for the six elected Negotiator Positions of the next APFA Negotiating Team. Included with your ballot is a candidate booklet containing willingness-to-serve submissions. You may cast a vote for up to three APFA members in your division (International or Domestic). Ballots are due in the designated PO Box by 9:00 a.m. October 4, 2007. These next negotiations will prove to be one of the most challenging in our history. It is imperative that every member makes an informed decision and most of all: VOTE! The candidate booklet is available for download at by clicking on Negotiations ’08 or the Elections link from the main page menu.

If you have not received your ballot by September 24th, please leave a message for the National Balloting Committee at 817.540.0108, ext. 8311. A replacement ballot will be sent to you. If you are not dues current and would like to be eligible to vote in this election, please contact the Dues Department at 817.540.0108, ext. 8152.

From the APFA Contract and Safety/Security Departments: This week the company sent an HI6 message regarding who can assist with boarding a flight. It is APFA’s position that our members who are non-reving should never volunteer to board a flight. The most important piece of the Company’s HI6 message is that anyone boarding a flight must meet the same FAA requirements necessary to work a flight. Simply put, boarding is not viewed as a lesser duty than working a flight in the eyes of the FAA. Boarding triggers duty and would, therefore, begin, extend or create a duty period in the event you are asked to board a flight voluntarily. This could cause illegalities with your own flying assignments and expose the company to potential FAA fines. Furthermore, the company has not responded to APFA’s inquiry regarding someone volunteering to board a flight and whether they would be able to claim an IOD in the event they were injured.

At APFA’s request, the company has sent a message to all agents advising they not request assistance from non-working FAs. APFA has requested that this same information be communicated to the Flight Department. If you are asked to help board a flight while non-reving, contact APFA at or

From the Scheduling Department: As a result of the DEL extended long-range flying and the need for more rest for Reserves who are called out on DEL trips, a new Long-Call Reserve procedure will be utilized for three months at IOR. A FA requesting Long-Call Reserve may have their preference honored in seniority order provided s/he is available for four or more days. The FA should be available for assignment at 1445 and commuters must notify Crew Schedule via HISEND or telephone prior to 0800 local base time if they intend to commute. FAs awarded Long-Call Reserve will be used for day-of coverage for DEL and other late departures. APFA is hopeful that this procedure will allow for adequate rest for those assigned DEL on Reserve. The new procedure will begin October 1, 2007. Crew Schedule will determine the number of FAs who can be awarded Long Call on a daily basis dependent on coverage. Details will be available on APFA’s Web site as soon as they are finalized. IOR FAs should forward your comments to the APFA Scheduling Department at or call 817.540.0108, ext. 8161.

Crew Resources has informed APFA that only Relief lines of ten or more days will be offered on the October bid sheet. AA had previously agreed to offer seven or more days as permitted in Article 9. C. 2. a. (1) (c) and Appendix I, Article 9. C. 2. a (1) (c), however, Crew Planning advised APFA of their concern over excessive Relief lines being offered, resulting in too few Open Replacement jobs and the possibility of uncovered Open Time. APFA intends to meet with the Company following the October bid run to see if seven-day Reliefs will be available in most months.

The APFA Executive Committee concluded its quarterly meeting this week. Minutes from the meeting will be posted on APFA’s Web site within the time limits outlined in the APFA Policy Manual.

Rumor Control:
Q: I saw an email this week that stated a top-tier passenger told an Int’l crew that he had been given authority to ‘check ride’ FAs and report back to AMR HDQ.

A: APFA contacted the Company this past week regarding this email and the following is what we have been told by AMR about the incident: The Regional Manager of the base involved sent an HI6 message to her base stating that she had personally contacted this particular passenger after reading the email. The Regional Manager reported to her base in the HI6 message that AMR has “no such ride program.” The passenger had a conversation with an IOR crew that led the crew to believe he was giving them a check ride per AMR HDQ. After speaking with this passenger, he stated that his intentions were to express his thanks to AA crews directly to AMR Headquarters.

We still have 1,605 furloughed APFA members waiting to be recalled.

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