9.24.07 – (LAA) – AA Releases Base Assignments for First Group of Returning FAs

Today is Monday, September 24, 2007. This is Leslie Mayo with the APFA Hotline.

American Airlines released the base assignments for the first group of returning furloughed Flight Attendants. 216 recalled Flight Attendants were previously offered reemployment effective November 13, 2007, and after filling out their base requests, have been awarded the following base assignments:

BOS-D – 30 – Flight Attendants
DCA-D – 27 – Flight Attendants
LGA-D – 119 – Flight Attendants and
ORD-D – 40 – Flight Attendants

The remaining 173 recalled Flight Attendants should receive their base assignments later next month. Their report-to-date base is December 18, 2007.

If you haven’t received your ballot for elected Negotiator, please contact the Balloting Committee at (817) 540-0108, ext. 8311. A replacement ballot will be sent to you. If you are not dues current and would like to be eligible to vote in this election, please contact the Dues Department, ext. 8152. Ballots are due in the designated Post Office box by Thursday morning, October 4th.

APFA hosted the Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions last week. The leadership of four Flight Attendant unions met Wednesday at APFA Headquarters to discuss legislative matters that directly impact our members. The unions represented included Local 556 TWU representing Southwest Flight Attendants, IAM – representing the Continental Flight Attendants, APFA, and AFA-Communication Workers of America (CWA) – representing among others – UAL, USAir, and American Eagle Flight Attendants. The Coalition members have worked together toward the inclusion of a number of health and safety matters within the FAA reauthorization process still underway in Washington. This week, the House of Representatives made progress on the bill, but the final bill lacks Congressional funding and the Senate vote to ensure the FAA authorization reaches the White House before yearís end.

This week, APFA will participate in two days of legislative action in Washington. The first day will include lobby training for APFA members, with our lobbyist Joan Wages and APFA Executive Committee Member Anne Loew. This training will include some of our furloughed Flight Attendants – including originally-hired AA furloughed Flight Attendants and originally-hired TWA furloughed Flight Attendants. These APFA members will be lobbying the Hill together on Thursday, September 27th, telling their compelling stories of being furloughed from their job and waiting for nearly five years to be recalled.

Please don’t forget we have 1,605 American Airlines Flight Attendants waiting to be recalled.

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