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10.04.07 – (LAA) NBC Certifies Results of the Negotiating Committee Representative Election

This is Leatha Harding-Berry, Chairperson of the APFA National Ballot Committee. Today, October 4, 2007, the National Ballot committee in conjunction with the Whitley Penn Accounting Firm, certified the results of the Negotiating Committee Representative Election.

The results are as follows:

For the Domestic Operation Robert Applegate received 689 votes, Valerie Cochrane received 1217 votes, Dixie Daniels received 1831 votes, Diana Dunn received 2157 votes, Judy Henderson received 600 votes, Anna Johnson received 185 votes, Jeree Last received 242 votes, Samuel Morales received 2241 votes and Travis Pfahler received 715 votes.

The candidate that received the highest number of valid votes and elected the Permanent Domestic Negotiator is Samuel Morales. The candidate who received the second highest number of valid votes and elected First Alternate is Diana Dunn. The candidate who received the third highest number of valid votes and elected Second Alternate is Dixie Daniels.

For the International Operation Ray Baylis received 1654 votes, Steven Ellis received 1727 votes, Neil Fernandez received 972 votes, Kevin Johnson received 366 votes, Russ Kidwell received 396 votes, Rebecca Kroll received 1159 votes, Ricardo Melchor received 143 votes, Jon Murden received 177 votes, Elizabeth Lee Price received 1049 votes and Richard Ross received 705 votes.

The candidate that received the highest number of valid votes and elected the Permanent International Negotiator is Steven Ellis. The candidate who received the second highest number of valid votes and elected First Alternate is Ray Baylis. The candidate who received the third highest number of valid votes and elected Second Alternate is Rebecca Kroll.

Thank you for calling the APFA Hotline.

NOTE: Please check the APFA Web site “Elections” link on Friday, October 5, 2007 for balloting results by base.

This is Tommie Hutto-Blake, APFA President, with a Hotline message for Friday, September 28, 2007.

APFA has been noticed that Flight Service, after reviewing the firm position of the APFA Executive Committee in the form of a unanimous resolution, has canceled their customer service training that was planned for early 2008. The APFA Executive Committee during our Quarterly Meeting earlier this month had taken the position that any training regarding customer loyalty was inappropriate, particularly due to the fact that in APFA’s opinion a first step should be a renewed focus on employee loyalty. APFA again states publicly – senior management needs to wake up and focus on this most important issue – employee loyalty – if AA is ever to truly succeed.

Secondarily, requiring training almost in tandem with the early stages of APFA/AA Section 6 bargaining would have been hugely inappropriate. We are certainly pleased that our departmental management listened to the representative voice of the AA FAs – APFA, canceling this proposed 2008 training. From a front line perspective AMR senior management has a tremendous need to repair the current real and natural resentment of the front line employees as we wait for the restoration of our lost wages, benefits and work rules.

FAs are ready for restitution. We made an exchange in 2003, and the understanding was made clear by management at that time that once profits returned there would be shared rewards. FAs are ready for the gain-sharing. We have lived through the most difficult times in our history and the front line is restless and looking for the recuperation of our losses. There is a debt that is owed and the time to claim payment is approaching.

Now, please stay on the line for the rest of this week’s Hotline. Leslie…

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the rest of the APFA Hotline.

The FAA has alerted the Company that they are in the field checking manuals out of all stations. Those FAs found with out-of-date manuals will be personally fined. Please be sure your manuals are up-to-date prior to boarding the aircraft.

October is Health Benefits enrollment month. Be sure to review all options before finalizing your selections. Be aware that there is a price increase for several benefits, but in particular, the APFA Health Department would like to make all members aware of the substantial Optional Short Term Disability (OSTD) rate increase. You may visit JetNet for Q&A’s addressing the price increase for OSTD. If you do not want health benefits through AA, you must visit JetNet, click on the enrollment link, and waive your right to benefits to ensure you are not paying for something you do not want. Print a copy of your choices for your own protection.

Two articles from the Health Department regarding UHC medical benefits and Short and Long Term Disability will be available next week on APFA’s Web site by visiting the Health Department’s web page.

UAW Workers went on Strike against General Motors last Monday over job security, economic issues, benefits for active workers and winning investment in future products. Two days later, an Agreement was reached by the parties and the Strike ended.

The primary issue in the Tentative Agreement involves health-care payments. GM will pay about $35 billion to a trust designed to cover retiree health for the next 80 years. This will enable GM to unload a $51 billion burden in retiree health-care obligations allowing it to borrow more money to compete. UAW obtained job security in exchange for no annual raises and new GM workers will be paid less.

Dozens of furloughed APFA members spent two days in Washington this week lobbying for the extension of recall rights. The parameters set forth by S.1992 would guarantee furloughed workers 10 years of recall rights provided they were employed by and subsequently furloughed from a commercial airline that received $100 million or more of Federal aid within two years of September 11, 2007.

We will keep you posted on the status of S.1992 introduced by Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. The text of the bill is available online at along with Sen. McCaskill’s letter of support to APFA and a link for members to contact their Senators in support of this bill.

The Fall Skyword began shipping on Friday and should arrive in your homes within the month of October. Inside this Skyword is the Willingness-to-Serve form for National Officer positions, a summary of all litigation against APFA since the í01 purchase of TWA and the í03 Restructuring Agreement, rumor control, and several other articles of interest. Go to and click on “Lawsuits” on the left menu for documents submitted by the judge in these cases as well as a review of the summary as written by APFA’s legal counsel. The Skyword will be available online beginning Monday, October 1, 2007, at

APFA Archivist Cilla Golas has turned over her white gloves to DFW-based Flight Attendant Sally Prater. Cilla created and maintained APFA’s history for the past ten years and has decided to move on. Sally has picked up where Cilla left off and will continue to preserve our history. We will be uploading a link to APFA’s Web site with photos of our archives and examples of some of the items onsite.

Please remember we have 1,605 furloughed AA Flight Attendants waiting to be recalled.

That’s it for this week – thank you for calling the APFA Hotline.

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