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1.30.08 – (LAA) – Negotiations Online Survey, APFA Presidential Candidate Debate

Today is Wednesday, January 30, 2008. To listen to details of the Negotiations Online Survey extension, Press 3. To listen to details of the APFA Presidential candidate debate scheduled for Saturday, February 2, 2008, press 2. To listen to the general hotline dated January 23, 2008, press 1.

Finally, you no longer have to hang up to hear additional lines. You will be directed back to this menu to make another selection once the line you’ve selected has finished.

Thank you for calling the APFA Hotline.

Today is Wednesday, January 30, 2008.
This afternoon, the following voicemail from the APFA Negotiating Team went out to members phones who have not yet filled out the APFA Negotiations Online Survey:

This is the APFA Negotiating Team calling, please stand by for an urgent message for the AA flight attendant in your household.

Hello, this is Steven Ellis and Anne Loew, members of the APFA Negotiating Team. We are calling regarding an important membership action that requires your immediate attention.

Your Negotiating Team wants to remind you that a membership survey has been developed following our base visits and is available to you, now, in the members only section of the APFA Web site at Due to the overwhelming response to the survey, and due to some technical difficulties that have overloaded our third party server, the negotiating team has decided to extend the survey until 2359 on February 12th.

We need your input to ensure all of our interests are represented so that we can prepare to regain what was LOST in 2003. Without your feedback, we CANNOT proceed successfully.

This comprehensive survey is our first step to getting the contract we all deserve! Please take the time to complete this survey as soon as possible.

Once finished, make sure you wear your ìI did itî pin jacket under your APFA pin to show AA management WE mean business. There are only two weeks left, so donít be left out!

Thank you for your time, and more importantly, thank you for your participation!
Our Solidarity will pay!

From your APFA Negotiating Team

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator with information on the debate for the office of APFA President. Today is Wednesday, January 30, 2008.

Following the 2004 National Officer elections, the APFA Board of Directors approved policy to be put in place providing for an APFA-sponsored debate between the two candidates for president in the event of a run-off election. Since no candidate won 50% plus 1 of the valid votes cast on January 17, 2008, a debate will occur and is in the final planning stages.

The debate will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2008, in Chicago beginning at 1:00 p.m. as agreed to by both candidates and/or their representatives. APFA has secured a location near the airport as well as a videographer for the event. The debate will be at Holiday Inn Select near O’Hare airport. The address is 10233 West Higgins, Rosemont, IL 60018. The hotel’s phone number is (847) 954-8600. The hotel is just one mile away from the airport. The airport has shuttle service to and from O’Hare and a taxi ride costs approximately $9. Doors will be open to all members in good standing at 12:30 and the debate is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. There will be seating available for 150 members to watch the debate with standing-room availability for 50 more members. Recording devices are prohibited. Please leave any cameras, tape recorders, video cameras, etc… outside of the room. Members in good standing are welcome to attend and IDs will be checked against the dues arrears list at the door by two members of the National Ballot Committee. No member without a valid airline or government-issued ID will be allowed to attend the debate. Doors will be closed and no one will be allowed to enter once the debate begins.

APFA will be uploading the hour-long debate in its entirety to APFA’s web site for members to download. We will also be uploading the debate in segments of less-than-10-minute increments as allowed by so that members can view the debate in shorter segments while logged on to the Internet. Each candidate or their designee will receive a duplicate copy of the debate DVD to use as they see fit. Candidates are also welcome to link to the site or refer members to APFA.ORG to download the video.

APFA looks forward to sponsoring this debate and the opportunity it will provide for our members in casting your ballots for the National Officer election. Remember, ballots are already in the field for the offices of President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer in the run-off election and are due in the designated PO Box no later than 9am Central Time on February 26, 2008.

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