2.22.08 – (LAA) – APFA Addresses Merger Rumors, Pilot Retirement Cancellations

This is Leslie Mayo with an updated Hotline for Friday evening, February 22, 2008.

In response to media reports that AA met with the three unions on the property this week regarding a possible merger; APFA would like to assure our members that absolutely no details of any kind have been disclosed to APFA regarding a potential merger at this point.

APFA’s leadership along with its advisors have been preparing strategically for any possible outcome. We will continue to keep you updated as events warrant.

Special APFA Hotline – Pilot Retirement Cancellations, February 22, 2008

APFA and the company have reached an understanding to assist FAs who are above guarantee and were affected by the pilot retirement/trip cancellations. There are now two letters protecting the FAs flying the 777 as well as those on the 767 who experienced cancellations as a result of the 777 changes.

Those FAs who were scheduled on cancelled flights due to the pilot retirements may contact Crew Schedule to plot trips in open time that originate in the contractual month of February. FAs may recover the time lost as a result of the cancellation(s) plus one hour. You will also be able to voluntarily substitute PVDs, if at the end of the month you are unable to recoup the hours lost.

The letters listing the specific flights eligible along with details of the understanding are posted on the Scheduling page of www.www.apfa.org.

This agreement does not resolve any disputes filed on this matter or prevent APFA from filing future disputes that may arise due to flight cancellations as a result of pilot retirements.

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