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4.16.08 – (LAA) – Call to Action to “Decline and Resign”, AMR Reports Loss

Today is April 16 and this is APFA President Laura Glading with a call to action.

In a campaign begun two weeks ago we demanded that the top five executives of American Airlines refuse their annual bonuses until our Flight Attendants had a ratified Contract. You have shown your support and unity by sporting tags imprinted with the word, DECLINE on one side and RESIGN on the other side.

Today, we have learned that these five corporate officers – Gerard Arpey, Tom Horton, Dan Garton, Robert Reding and Gary Kennedy – will not decline their bonuses. By taking these bonuses they have broken their promise, destroyed their credibility and lost their ability to effectively lead this airline. So today, I ask all our 19,000 Flight Attendants to turn their tags over to the side that says RESIGN.

Our customers are without pillows or food, a dependable flight schedule, and on-time departures. AMR shareholders have lost 75% of their stock value in just one year. And we continue struggling to make ends meet after sacrificing 33% in wages and benefits.

Even assuming these officers were willing to turn their back on their commitment to American’s employees, customers and shareholders, the debacle of 3600 flight cancellations in a single week, and todayís reported $328 million quarterly loss, should have compelled Mr. Arpey and company to refuse their bonuses. Unfortunately, neither integrity nor shame could convince them to make the right choice.

If the five officers do not tender their resignations we plan to expand our campaign to AMR’s Board of Directors to demonstrate to the Board that these executives simply lack the kind of judgment required of corporate leaders.

Thank you for calling.

Today is April 16 and this is APFA President Laura Glading.

This morning, American Airlines parent company AMR reported a loss of 328 million dollars for the first quarter of 2008.

AMR CEO Gerard Arpey called the results “disappointing” and outlined the efforts the company would be making to “address the challenging circumstances it faces.”

Notably absent from the steps he outlines is the very simple and meaningful act of declining the millions of dollars in bonuses to be paid to the top executives of AMR – those who bear the ultimate responsibility.

APFA Flight Attendants have joined tens of thousands of front line employees in sacrificing for the company’s bottom line. In light of these staggering losses and challenges ahead, how can any one group continue to hold themselves above all others by drawing even more profit in the form of bonuses?

Chairman Arpey and Chief Financial Officer Thomas Horton will address the media in a question-and-answer conference call at 2pm Eastern Time today.

We the American Airlines Flight Attendants have just one question. The deadline has come — will you DECLINE or RESIGN?

We will be back on this Hotline with an update after the media conference with their answer, our response and instructions on whether it is necessary to turn your tag to RESIGN.

Thank you for calling.

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