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5.08.08 – (LAA) – Tell Your Neotiators What you Want, 3% Wage Increase

You’ve reached the APFA HotLine for May 8, 2008. This is Frank Bastien, APFA National Communications Coordinator.

Our collective bargaining process moves steadily along as your APFA Negotiating Team continues its work in preparation for the June 10 start of talks with American. Please continue to send your suggestions to the APFA Team by clicking on Negotiations ’08 on the APFA website, then on the link “Tell Your Negotiators What You Want.”

Demonstrate to the Company that you support your negotiators by always wearing your APFA pin on your lapel and the “Resign!” hang tag behind your ID. We have received reports from some bases that management has boarded flights and told our Flight Attendants to remove their hang tags. If you experience this, please contact APFA with the details.

Pay Comp has advised that all processing of the pay protection due to MD80 inspection cancellations was to be completed on May 7. April records are only available until the end of the week so please review your HI2 while you still can. Contact Pay Comp should you have a discrepancy or can no longer access your April record. If you still can’t resolve your issue please notify the APFA Contract Department at

Various news sources around the country are picking up a story of an American Airlines flight to Paris in April which was found upon landing to have a missing access panel. After repeated demands from APFA’s Safety and Security Department, Flight Attendants were given more details by American in an HI6 message earlier this week. Though it was determined that at no time were crew or passengers at risk, an investigation continues into what may have caused the panel to depart the aircraft. In the meantime, it is important that all Flight Attendants refrain from speculating or forwarding messages – especially those including personal information or pictures.

The Spring 2008 issue of SKYWORD has been printed and is in the mail. It is also now available for viewing or downloading on the APFA website through the SKYWORD link on the main page.

In industry news: United Airlines has taken a page from the AMR playbook and is reportedly preparing to set aside 130 million dollars in stock to fund a new incentive plan for executives.

Meanwhile, as several airlines – including perennially profitable Southwest — have announced plans to begin flying slower to save fuel, the nation’s business reporters are weighing in on possible mergers with headlines warning of potential higher fares. All we can add to that is: it’s about time! At American at least, we long ago grew weary of funding cheap airfares with our sacrificed wages.

At Delta, non-union employees – including Flight Attendants — are set to receive a 3% wage increase effective July 1. Delta’s Flight Attendants are also voting this month on whether to join a union. We at APFA wish the Delta Flight Attendants well in their fight to have a collective voice in their future.

And lastly, in what has become our usual signoff, we ask all Flight Attendants to avoid passing around unfounded rumors on the line. The company has not informed APFA of either planned base closings or furloughs. Those who claim to have some insider’s knowledge or secret information have neither. This one-upmanship of “I know something you don’t knowî” only hurts our colleagues just trying to make a living in our chosen career. We should be supporting each other in solidarity.

Please remember that there are still 1,193 APFA members awaiting recall. And thank you for calling the APFA HotLine.

Decline/Resign Update – CALL TO ACTION
Continuing with our efforts launched in early April, President Laura Glading has recently sent a letter to each AMR Board Member urging them to demand the resignation of the top five executives at AMR. A link to copy of the letter is posted on the APFA website main page.

On Wednesday May 21, we will carry our message right to their door as we stand alongside our APA Pilots to picket and protest at the AMR Shareholders Meeting.

We invite and encourage all APFA Flight Attendants in the DFW area to participate, as well as those able to fly in for the event.

Please go to APFA’s Web Site at for all the details, maps and instructions.

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