6.27.08 – (LAA) – Glading Announces Immediate Relief Talks with American, AA Details Further Capacity Cuts, 2008 System Seniority Shuffle Complete, Last Five Days of the Month Reminder, Presidential Grievance over Docking Guidance System

You have reached the APFA weekly HotLine update for June 27, 2008. This is Frank Bastien, National Communications Coordinator.

President Laura Glading recorded a special HotLine update Thursday evening to announce that the immediate relief talks held with American over the last three weeks concluded without an agreement. Now more than ever your attendance at a road show in July is vital as we come together as a unified group and Mobilize to Maximize. By now, all members should have received the flyer from your APFA Negotiating Team featuring the dates, times and locations for the road shows coming to each base beginning July 8. Please use the postage paid reply card included in the flyer to let us know if you are interested in attending. Mail in the completed card to also let us know of any changes to your address, phone numbers or email, and to easily add your name to the HotLine email list or enroll as an InfoRep member. Members of the APFA Negotiating Team and National Officers will be present at the meetings to review negotiations thus far and to share with members our strategies going forward.

American Airlines this week detailed further capacity cuts to be effective later this year. According to the press release, 60 more mainline American flights are to be removed from the schedule, including: five at New York LaGuardia, eight at St. Louis, 19 at Dallas/Ft. Worth and 28 at Chicago. 129 flights are to be cut from our regional partners. Absent from the announcement were any overage numbers that the company expects in our Flight Attendant workforce. APFA continues to press Flight Service for any plans they have for reducing the head count. Any reduction in manning will not necessarily result in an equal number of furloughs. Overage Leaves of Absence and Partnership Flying are two provisions of our contract intended to minimize furlough numbers if a reduction occurs. We will pass on to you any information we hear from the company once any decisions have been made.

The 2008 System Seniority shuffle is complete and your new seniority number is reflected on your HI1. The entire System Seniority List is available as a PDF file for download or review on the APFA web site. Clicking on the Seniority link on the left will bring you to the members-only Contract section where the 2008 Seniority List is the top item. Remember that the number shown on your HI1 can fluctuate monthly based on occupational seniority adjustments for Flight Attendants on Leaves of Absence and/or reinstatements. The 1,192 names on the bottom of the seniority list represent our members still on furlough status and awaiting recall. Review Article 14.C of the contract for details on the process for challenging the list, including the thirty-day time limit and any time limit exceptions.

The APFA Scheduling Department reminds all Flight Attendants that Friday the 27th begins the last five days of the contractual month of June. Please refer to page 23 of the On-Duty Contract Guide for the procedures surrounding our contractual Cancellation and Illegality Protection. This guide is also available on-line through the APFA website. Click on the Contract link, then On-Duty Contract Guide.

President Laura Glading has filed a Presidential Grievance over the Company’s use of the Docking Guidance System (DGS) claiming a contractual violation of the long-standing practice of recording block times. Please continue to monitor the times recorded in your HI3 when departing from or arriving at a gate equipped with a DGS. Ask the pilots for the brakes released or set time and report any discrepancy to contract@apfa.org.

With the flooding in the Midwest and fires in California, remember that assisting Flight Attendants affected by such catastrophic events is just one of the missions of the WINGS Foundation. Check out their website at www.wingsfoundation.com to see how you can help.

Thank you for calling the APFA weekly HotLine update.

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