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1.14.09 – (LAA) – Travel Seperation Program, Overage Leaves, Partnership Flying

Today, January 14, the Company announced a one-time proffer of additional voluntary options to Flight Attendants not on furlough to offset an expected manning overage.

First will be a voluntary Travel Separation Program, providing travel benefits for either 5 or 10 years, depending on Company seniority, and upon irrevocable separation from the Company.

Second will be Overage Leaves, in both key and auxiliary blocks.

Third will be Partnership Flying.

Both the Overage Leaves and the Partnership Flying are offered in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Flight Attendants who were awarded a Personal Leave of Absence in the recent proffer may bid for these new options. Additionally, after the Overage Leave proffer closes, Flight Attendants who were recently awarded a personal leave, and whose seniority would have held the Overage Leave, will have any period of time where their awarded Personal Leave overlaps the Overage Leave block recoded to Overage Leave. For this proffer only, including those who will be converted from a PLOA to an Overage Leave, eligibility requirements regarding planned and actual sick clearance dates will not apply.

Documentation on these programs – Questions and Answers, and the proffer ballots – are available through the Flight Service website. Click on the Voluntary Options link on the FS News tab.

Reprints of Questions and Answers will also be on the APFA website when finalized. Click on either the Leaves/Partnerships or the Travel Separation Program links from the menu section on the main page at:

As we have in the past, APFA will open a Partnership Finder to help those Flight Attendants interested in this program find a suitable match. Access the Partnership Finder through the Leave/Partnerships page and link.

Flight Attendants who wish to proffer one of these options must do so by: 12:00 noon Central time, Monday, January 26, 2009.

Should you have questions on these voluntary options, please contact the APFA Contract Reps at 817.540.0108 ext. 8171. You may also email: or use the web form by clicking on Contact at the very top of the APFA website.

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